Interesting Topics for Narrative Essay Writing That Will Spur Your Creativity

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07 Feb 2020

A narrative essay is a popular written task that students of almost any age and specialization can be assigned. The first thing for you to know about this type of academic work is that they should be written and presented as stories. At the same time, they should have a point and tell which lesson you learned within a particular event. Narrative essays offer an excellent opportunity to share your personal experience, show your point of view on essential occasions, and perfect your storytelling skills.

narrative essay topics

To a great extent, the success of narrative essays depends on the topic you choose. Your teacher can either give you the freedom to pick any theme or provide you with a list of topics to select from. While many narrative essay topics refer to an important event in one’s life, they are written in the first person (‘I’). However, sometimes you can choose to write a fictional story – in this case, you can present it either in the first or in the third person. Overall, your topic should be well-considered and meaningful to you.

Keep reading to get more helpful bits of advice on choosing a perfect narrative essay topic and draw inspiration from interesting ideas we offer in this blog.

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Brilliant Ideas of Narrative Essay Topics for College Students

College students are frequently asked to prepare narrative essays as a part of creative writing or composition class. The aim of this task is not to evaluate a character, but to express self and examine how particular life events, places, and people have influenced the way one views the world.

To choose an impressive narrative essay topic, a student should look for the one which will grab the readers' attention of the and stir their emotions. The essay should recreate one’s personal experience in a somewhat dramatic style; it also should describe the setting, give characterizations, descriptions, and present the plot.

The following topics can help you prepare an outstanding narrative essay:


List of Good Narrative Essay Topics for Primary School

During their English lessons in school, students find out about various types of written assignments and gain the basics of writing skills. To prepare a worthy narrative essay, school students should choose a memorable event from their life, provide some essential details about it, and define a key point. It’s important to remember about an essay’s structure! A perfect topic for a primary school essay shouldn’t be too complicated, but at the same time, it should be interesting for a child and engaging for their audience. Here are a few good examples:


Remarkable Examples of Narrative Essay Topics for Middle School

Narrative essays written in middle school should become a more advanced version of the ones prepared in primary school. In a narrative essay, middle school students are supposed to share a story about themselves, and aside from interesting details, provide their opinion and ideas on it. Their piece should have a neat structure, a clear point with at least one convincing argument, and specific details that are relevant to this point.

The following ideas will be perfect for grade 6, grade 7, and grade 8 students:


Excellent Narrative Essay Topics for High School

The aim of narrative essays in high school is to help students hone their writing skills and encourage them to use their power of observation in order to develop stories that capture their reader’s imagination. As long as written assignments become more demanding and prepare students for advanced college writing, often a teacher may ask them to use their creativity and write a fictional story that is both descriptive and reflects a student’s opinions at the same time.

Here’re several amazing topics for writing a narrative essay in high school that grade 9, grade10, 11 and 12 students can select:


Inspiring Personal Narrative Essay Topics

Usually, personal essays are required to be written for scholarships, college applications, and various academic honors, which is why they differ from narrative essays prepared in middle school or high school. Unfortunately, many students don’t have a clear understanding of what personal essays are and end up choosing the wrong topic, hence composing a narrative essay instead of a personal one.

Although narrative essays and personal essays share many similarities, it’s important to understand the difference between them. Both personal and narrative essays can be defined as the genres that help you showcase your own beliefs and life experience with the audience. However, a personal essay is an inward reflection about oneself; it focuses on personal growth and impressions of the author, the insights they gained about their strengths and abilities, as well as things they need to work on in the future. At the same time, narrative essays are rather descriptive and autobiographical; they emphasize particular elements of a story and show how they bring the overall experience into the author’s life.

Understanding these key principles of a personal essay, you’ll be able to choose a topic that refers to them in the best possible way. Your best option is an event or a period in life that played a significant role in your future, changed your beliefs and helped understand self. Here are a few good examples of such themes:


To create an A-worthy narrative essay, you need proper planning and writing skills, but most importantly – an inspiring topic, which will make the writing process exciting and enjoyable. If you’re short on time or are out of brilliant ideas, you may wonder, “Can someone help me write my college essay fast and cheap?” Luckily, the answer to this question is “Yes”! You can follow the example of many savvy students and apply to one of the legit research paper writing services – such as Our experienced and professional writers are ready to create a top-quality narrative essay sample within the shortest terms upon your request.


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