Topics for Synthesis Essay That Will Expand Your Creative Horizons

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24 Feb 2020

The first emotion you feel when hearing ‘synthesis essay’ is complete bewilderment. This is a typical reaction, as it’s not quite easy to guess the peculiarities of this type of writing from its name only. If you are lucky to have a synthesis essay assignment but don’t know where to start from, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you will find an ultimate guide on how to pick up winning topics to write a synthesis essay on and impress your professor, as well as a hint on how to get the job done if you cannot write the piece by yourself.

synthesis essay topics


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How to Come Up with Good Synthesis Essay Topics?

Usually, teachers assign a particular topic to the students or give them an option to select one from a limited amount of titles. Otherwise, students simply have the discretion to pick up the idea on their own. While such a progressive approach to academic writing tasks seems like a good idea, some college-goers might find it challenging. With the freedom to select out of a million of ideas, it’s not so simple to focus on the only one topic. What are the most important points to consider when choosing the subject for a synthesis essay?

  • Your topic should be appealing not only to the potential readers but for you as well. Why? To start with, if you are passionate about the subject for your synthesis essay, you are more likely to have a good time doing a thorough research and writing the text.
  • Your topic should be clear and specific. One mistake students might make when trying to find the best idea for their paper is choosing a too broad topic. For example, such issues as technology, corruption or even global warming are too general and won’t convey to the full extent what you want to express to the audience. Instead, focus on a more narrow topic, this will give you a chance to create a legit short essay.
  • Your topic should be arguable. A good topic for synthesis paper is the one that makes people debate over your argument. If everyone agrees with your idea, there might even be no point in writing an essay - it won’t appeal to the readers.
  • Your topic should be negotiable. No reason to ponder over something unchangeable. Look for the subjects that allow some room for negotiation. This will help you draw readers’ attention to the issue and ensure an opportunity to carry out some gripping research.


Synthesis Essay Topics List for a Good Start

If your tutor or professor has allowed you to decide on the subject of a synthesis essay on your own, you might face some trouble deciding what to write about. To give you a helping hand, our professional writers have compiled a list of fantastic topics that might prove handy for you:

  • Does advertising manipulate people?
  • What are the chances of winning a lottery?
  • How to stay active and get rid of boredom?
  • Should experiments on animals be allowed?
  • Are robots depriving people of jobs?
  • Who is responsible for safety for children in schools?
  • How does sport influence the human body and mental health?


Argumentative Synthesis Essay Topics

Synthesis essay is a typical assignment in colleges, especially for history, political science or sociology classes. Professors prefer students’ choosing argumentative topics that allow seeing how well young learners can reason and support the arguments. Here are some of the debatable ideas for hardworking students who want to score the highest grades:

  • Do modern technologies make us less social?
  • Is homeschooling more beneficial for children?
  • Does advertising dictate beauty standards for women?
  • Is global warming really caused by air pollution?
  • Can unmanned cars and aircraft be dangerous to people?
  • Are all disciplines in school and college necessary for adult life?
  • Do video games make children more violent and cruel?


Explanatory Synthesis Essay Topics

Among many other academic assignments, you are likely to come across on explanatory synthesis essay. For some students it’s a cup of tea, but for others it may turn a real rocket science. Nevertheless, you don’t have to worry that this will become another challenging experience on your way. Check out this list of ideas and bravely approach your synthesis essay task:

  • Tricks that make us fall for advertisements.
  • Why should students learn art and culture in school?
  • How have the Presidential elections modified over the past 50 years?
  • Ways of expressing the peculiarities of the nation’s identity.
  • Perception of the American dream.
  • How can modern technologies benefit students and their education?
  • Effect of poverty on children’s health.

Even with all the topics of ideas and titles, you might find yourself in the situation when you are only a night away from the deadline. To save the day, opt to buy college research paper online. At, we provide arguably the best paper writing service because it is tailored to your personal requirements and can be done within the shortest timeframe. Turn to our experts and let us make your next academic writing experience as smooth as possible.


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