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In my opinion, objectivity of our self-esteem depends on our attitude to criticism. And unfortunately only few react to it properly and calmly, because they have not been spoiled by criticism yet. To many it can be a painful wound or just infringes their pride.
The intrinsic value of human becomes apparent only in the years of maturity. Clear criteria for the self-assessment just does not exist, one takes credit for career growth, and the other one on the successes of the creative field. However, and the possibility of self-esteem, self-worth and the definition of self-esteem, albeit it is very subjective, still rests on the figure of the man himself.
In every man there are both good and bad human qualities. In this essay I tried to figure about what are my strong sides and what are my weak sides. It took me plenty of time in order to define what are the things I really like and what are those I dislike about myself .All people have the qualities that can be divided into good and bad. People who have more good qualities than bad qualities attract other people.
I would like to start with those my qualities, that I can be proud of. I believe that five most important things that make up my strong side are: I am an intelligent person, I am also a very caring person, I have a sense of humor, I believe in honesty and I am also very kind.
It is not easy to say that you are intelligent to describe yourself. But all my life I have been looking for opportunities to study and to learn something new. As a child I was very curious and this curiosity did not go anywhere, I am still curious about many things now.
As I mentioned above, I am a very caring person. I always take care not only about my friends and my family, but I am always opened to help anyone who needs my help. Taking care is so important for me, that in the situations when there is nothing I can do to help someone who got in trouble, I become very upset.
My good sense of humor makes me an easy going person. I can easily understand all the jokes my friends make, and I am good at making jokes by myself. That benefits me all that much, my good sense of humor allows me to make friends with people that I meet.
Another thing my quality that benefits me is the fact that I believe in honesty, and this is the reason why I never lie. I feel like I just can't afford to myself to spoil my life with lies, I always stay true to anyone.
My kindness makes me a very understanding person. I never judge people no matter what happens, because I am sure that making mistakes is about human nature, and if a person is afraid of mistakes that means that this person is afraid of trying.
I would like to say that for me all of my qualities are positive, because they are mine and I formed them by myself, just like everyone else. However, there are some qualities that I actually dislike about myself.
Time after time, I have a fear that I have no significant talent, what makes me not gifted person. But I hope that the time will come, and I will figure out what is my talent, what is the best thing for me to succeed in.
Another thing that I dislike about myself is that I I hate my handwriting. It makes me feel very bad, when the majority of people cannot understand what I write. Even though I put my efforts to improve my writing skills I have got no positive result so far. But I think it is just a matter of time.
My other weak sides that I am trying to overcome are: my weak memory, my overthinking about useful things and my tendency to worry a lot.

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