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Smoking has become the burning issue of 21st century, affecting billions of people all over the world and becoming the matter of great concern. Due to the current existence of numerous brands, it tends to be very difficult to refuse from smoking. Despite a lot of controversies linked to smoking the majority of scientists support the view that smoking is detrimental; moreover, in accordance with their surveys, smoking has absolutely nothing to do with what its proponents call the chance to get know life. Evidently, smoking occurred as solely a successful fashionable trend giving profits to the cigarette manufacturers as well as the stakeholders of this business. This paper argues that, in accordance with numerous studies, the most commonly seen cause of smoking appears to be regular socializing with the smokers. As a result, this very cause leads to a number of effects, including health problems, financial straits, and the other social difficulties.

Health Risks of Smoking

Indisputably, the majority of scientists state that smoking negatively influences people’s health (Parrott 817). Different medical studies prove smoking to be linked to numerous diseases, most of which are fatal. People who smoke are prone to having different forms of heart attacks, erectile dysfunction and COPD. More dangerously, almost a half of smokers are expected to have problems during childbirth. According to U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention Society, 5 percent of infant deaths could be prevented if pregnant women would not have smoked (Tonstad et al. 65). Smoking can also lead to sudden infant death syndrome in infants and result in the low birth weight. The smokers can have the huge variety of cancer, affecting lungs, cervix, mouth, throat, stomach, kidneys, uterus, and even leading to leukemia. When speaking about cancer, one should also mention that non-smokers are even more prone to have lung cancer because of the smoke the smokers produce when smoking. The recent tendencies indicate that twenty-five percent of smokers in America have cancer at different ages (Brooks et al. 647). Moreover, three percent of non-smokers in America are seen to die of lung cancer with the probable reason being affected by smokers. Apart from cancer diseases, smokers frequently suffer from emphysema, which is considered to be the peripheral vascular disease and can be attributed to the group of heart diseases.

The Cost of Smoking

The second great effect of smoking is that the smokers are forced to pay serious sums each month in order to satisfy their needs; smoking is extremely expensive habit (King et al.). Every year hundreds of American tobacco-related industries are noticed to prosper, essentially increasing their annual profits all the time. This is caused by the tendency that more and more people become hooked on smoking. Due to the results of the survey conducted by American Medical Association, every particular smoker has to spend nearly 1.500$ annually to cover his dangerous habit. More importantly, this sum of money could be spent to cover healthy habits, hobbies or entertainment, thus it remains to be the heavy burden to the monthly budget. The website believes that almost ten percent of smokers tend to earn fifteen percent less than non-smokers. This could be explained by the constant distractions from the jobs, taking regular smoking breaks.

Social Consequences of Smoking

It is necessary to make mention that smokers currently face the number of social difficulties. Non-smokers tend to avoid smokers in order to save their health state. With the establishment of smoking zones, smokers face a lot of challenges with ban on smoking in public areas. This way, when being at the cinemas or when shopping in the trade centers, they are allowed to smoke outside so that they can feed their habit. As a result, social interactions are interrupted. The similar social interruptions can occur when the smokers invite their friends indoors, and people refuse to come because of smoking indoors. In some cases, it is possible to observe that due to the abovementioned reason, many smokers can face the problem of socialization. One more social aspect of smoking is passive smoking, which has even more detrimental effects than usual smoking. This can often lead to the negative treatment from the side of colleagues and friends.


Since the childhood, the bulk of people are told about the negative impacts of cigarettes. However, why are there so many smokers? The answer is simple, since when growing up, people just find out that many of so-called opponents of smoking are actually the active smokers. Consequently, the environment of people addicted to smoking influences the ones who were not interested in having such a habit dramatically; the point is that they simply start smoking, since the previous ban on smoking that they heard from people emerged to be a fake. All in all, one can notice that despite a lot of some controversial debates over smoking, it is still widely perceived as the negative phenomenon. Since smoking is detrimental to our health, social life and financial welfare, it can only be favorable in case people are engaged in tobacco industry. Some marketing specialists state that smoking is the subject that is connected with branding successful businesses and their services and products. In terms of marketing, tobacco smoking tends to be the reason for the establishment of various respective industries that are aimed at developing the tobacco-related products and services, advertising them via all possible and available media. This way, smoking is viewed as the positive phenomenon, providing millions people with jobs, which is extremely significant for the economic development and growth. Tobacco growing is also a very sustainable way of maintaining American farmers and agriculture. Farmers constantly get the good opportunity to reap profits by growing tobacco and selling it to numerous domestic plants and factories.
Regardless of the fact that tobacco industry is constantly developing and people involved in this business get some profits, the negative effects of smoking should not be underestimated; it is important to remember that smoking causes the great threat to the entire humanity. Moreover, one should take into account the fact that, in view of many experts on negative impact of smoking, quitting is beneficial in terms of providing freedom of addiction and preservation of health. And this totally outweighs anti-quitting supporters who rest their argument upon the ideas of depression and gaining weight. It is clear that despite the serious difficulties that the majority of people undergo while making attempts to give up smoking, they should still pass through this trial, since the abovementioned habit causes dreadful consequences.

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