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Published: 2020/11/08

It is well known that non verbal actions speak louder than words. They are as important as or more important than verbal communication in most contexts. This is because whenever the verbal communication fails to convey the message the audience look for non verbal cues. “Nonverbal communication refers to all that stimuli which takes place between people communicating with each other both intentionally and unintentionally” (Kaushal, 2014). There can be many non verbal actions that could take place in a communication that may support the verbal communication or assure it or sometimes even contradict it. It all depends on these cues that how well the audience takes the message.
Hugging and smiling are two main nonverbal communication means that have positive meanings of friendliness and happiness. We have seen that when people meet they smile and hug to show their closeness. Hugging and smiling are accepted norms of likeness worldwide though they are not followed in many cultures where there are restrictions based on gender or religion. Still they are very important among the political leaders of the world.
Recently it was in the news that when US President Barack Obama had visited India, the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, broke all the protocol and tradition and welcomed him at the airport hugging him. Apart from the political reasons, if any, this action is to show the warmth of friendship that the leaders already share or wish to share. In many instances, the President was seen nodding to the explanations offered to him while attending the functions. People would always love to know that their words are acknowledged, so responses like nodding to points are always welcomed than remaining silent. It was also in the news that when the first lady of US visited Saudi Arabia, people didn’t respond to her hand shake. It was an issue for them that she did not wear a head scarf for the funeral functions of their demised king. All these are some nonverbal communication issues based on cultural differences that grabbed the international attention. Non verbal communication can convey more during a communication as the people look for such cues in the speakers, leaders or in any day-to-day communications, making them more important in daily lives.


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