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Carbon dating remains one of the most proficient scientific inventions that revolutionized the world of science. There are diverse dating methods that have been established to the extent that they can determine millions and billions of years. It has been established that millions and billions of years have been squeezed into the Bible also. The documentation of events can be traced from the traditional days dating from the creation age. Pundits argue that the millions of years compressed in the Bible are due to the goodness of God. The Bible talks of the goodness of God through forgiveness of sin. The article puts into perspective the extent to which God has an influence on the scientific nature.
The Bible specifically provides exclusive events that have happened in the past, yet they remain vivid in people’s memory millions of years after such occurrences. The Bible documents the creation stories, even to the tenth generation effectively putting into perspective the essence of time. Besides the Bible, science has a number of ways through which it reveals the dates of certain materials (Parker, 1980). Carbon has been extensively employed in radioactivity establishments (Ham et al., 2003). Carbon is manifest in the atmospheric environment and can be found in places such as plants and other living materials. One of the characteristics of carbon is the fact that it changes based on the prevailing circumstances. Essentially, whenever a living component dies, the dating process begins in earnest. However, there is an extent to which carbon can provide precise date or duration of existence. For instance, carbon cannot be employed in dating volcanic substances such as rocks. It is affected to a greater extent by the earth’s magnetic fields,
The Bible has become an important component of dating in the scientific field. Case in point is that the Genesis flood has become an important point of reference in so far as dating is concerned (Holy Bible 2004). Researchers have intimated that it is necessary to re-calibrate that certain elements falling at a certain time should be integrated that back in the flood days (Ham et al., 2003). There are other dating techniques that have been used in the past. For instance, radiotope dating does not provide timelines that date in a million years, however; they are essential in determining the ages of older volcanic rocks.
Dating has aided researchers and scientists to determine the ages of certain materials that existed in the traditional days. The different types of dating techniques are unique and strategic because they provide feedbacks based on their inherent abilities. However, scientific searches are limited to the extent that they are not capable of conclusively providing the exact facts, as should be the case. Ideally, it is practically impossible for a scientist to determine the age of a material that existed in the past. The researcher has to determine the concentrations of Isotopes then carry out an observation in order to provide a conclusive feedback. Assumptions are the basic instruments employed in determining the ages of materials (Ham et al., 2003). God asked Job where he was when the foundation of the earth was being created (Holy Bible 2004). The analogy intimates that the past may not be correctly determined by using dating techniques.
There are a number of issues that are critical to the dating process employed in the scientific field. Dating cannot be done appropriately using carbon due to the selective tendencies by some components. For, instance, some plants choose the amount of carbon to consume effectively making it difficult to date conclusively. Additionally, dating has limited objectivity because of certain intentions (Ham et al., 2003). The techniques and methods employed in determining the ages of materials are not objective. If indeed they are objective, they should have relatively similar results that have limited disparities. The results that have been produced after studying certain rocks have revealed that the feedbacks did not have a range that could enhance some generalizations. Scientists cannot, therefore, hold claim to the dates provided because the methods employed are defective to some extent (Ham et al., 2003). Determining the ages of rocks has been marred by immense anomalies in the sense that no clear representation of facts has been provided in the studies that have been done. The basis of science is to provide factual details that can aid in making generalizations based on certain occurrences and events. The Bible tries to offer alternatives based on various Biblical facts (Parker, 1980).


Dating is one of the most important components in the scientific field, yet it is formed by a number of controversies. The uses of carbon and radiotope have proven counterproductive because of the inherent disparities manifest in their findings. Carbon cannot be used to give proper results, especially in plants to provide proper dates. The Bible is clear that the foundations of the earth were established when no one was in existence. Scientists should not, therefore, claim that they are present facts using the dating techniques and methods. The inherent anomalies that are characterized by the results are indicative that the past is not within the domain of any study.


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