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Active Learning Environment

In an active learning classroom, the responsibility for learning the material is placed on the students. The teacher’s role is to facilitate the process and to work in partnership with their students. This approach to education begins with accepting the ideas that there is not just one, single ‘right’ way to learn and that different students will learn best in different ways. The techniques of active learning can be used for all ages, from pre-school through college.
In a pre-school setting, the most common approach to active learning is known as the High Scope curriculum. There are five basic components to a classroom: materials, manipulation, choice, child language & thought and adult scaffolding. Classrooms are organized into clearly defined interest centers which inspire kids to explore the space and express themselves both verbally and non-verbally. Students can move freely from one activity to the next based on their own interests or needs. There is plenty of flexibility for children to decide what to do, how to do it and with whom.
With older students at the high school or college level, the focus shifts to “anything that involves students in doing things and thinking about the things that they are doing.” (Bonwell & Eison, 1991) Rather than lectures, teachers engage students in group discussions and projects that encourage critical thinking. Smaller classrooms are ideal for this, but even when that is not possible, teachers should look for opportunities to interact with students one-on-one and challenge their understanding of the course material.
Keeping in mind that different people will learn best in different ways, teachers can use techniques to increase motivation to learn and foster a sense of personal connection with the course. Interactions between teacher and students will strengthen the sense of education as a cooperative endeavor. Active learning techniques should highlight the most important and relevant course content. Possible activities might include role playing, debates, case studies, peer reviews and projects with use of interactive multi-media or visual aids. Teachers can explain the learning benefits of the planned exercises, establish rules of participation and set time limits. During a one hour class session, it is optimal to include two such activities in smaller groups.
A popular example of a classroom activity for an active learning education is the one minute paper. Teachers provide a topic that supports what they have been covering in class and ask students to write a paper to identify, compare and contrast that topic for sixty seconds. Then, after the minute expires, the class can follow up with a pair-think-share exercise to evaluate the ideas that were generated individually and inspire the class as a whole.
Active learning is cooperative. It is more than just listening and taking notes. Students should be given homework assignments that reinforce the concepts and skills they have been introduced to in class. Additional research can inspire them to process course materials and consider what they have learned.


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