Example Of Training For New Sales Representatives Essay

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Sales training programs are the pillars of the sales force. For every investment to get a return, training programs must be directed to attain certain objectives. The first objective is to improve company knowledge. Sales training should assign enough time and a suitable amount of information about the company’s history, mission and values, policies and procedures with respect to relations with external stakeholders. The training will clarify the responsibilities and expectations that are required for the training. Every effective sales representative requires full understanding of their duties and responsibilities (Kennon et al. n.d.). Additionally, the trainee will acquire morale since every sales representative leave the training program with a positive attitude and rejuvenated motivations that improve performance at a high level.
The key objective of the training is to advance product knowledge. During the training program, the trainees acquire thorough understanding of the products as well as services in their field of work. It is in these sessions that trainees are issued with sales guide that involves product specifications, basic pricing, and features. The primary aim is to make sales representatives review them in advance. At the end of the training sessions, the sales representatives will have and enhanced sales skills. The representatives will gain new knowledge that will help them to deal with client and have an effective prospect.
Upon completion of sessions, the sales representatives will be full confident in their skill to break the ice with new clients. They will help the business to build a sound and solid relationship with the clients (Tracey, 2004). The trainee will have a convincing tongue to persuade clients of the value of the product and convince them to buy it. The sales representatives will feel like an important and respected part of a cohesive team. These will take away a sense of pride for their company as well as the services and products they represent.
The key essential part of the training programs is audience analysis that put into consideration audience’s level of knowledge, skills, needs and interests of the target training group. The analysis should be carried out as almost the first step in the training sessions because the number of audiences and their learning tracks is a very crucial factor in scoping the training. The first step is to analyses who are the audience and their number (Tracey, 2004). By having their credential certificates, it is easier to determine the audiences’ professional background that will give a relevant background of knowledge.
The following steps are carried out during audience analysis, demographics of the audiences that are their age, educational background, and sex. The interest of the sales representatives, why are they want to qualify in the field of work, and who could be behind them being in the training sessions. Then the director will require knowing why the representatives want they need as well as the needs of the company. During this time, the trainees are told what they expect to learn at the end of the sessions.
It is significant to identify the audience’s attitudes, beliefs, and values. Attitudes are the immediate feelings that help in tailoring a message that can motivate and create a connection that will bond the trainers and trainees. Beliefs are the thought based on audience experiences this will help the trainers to surprise sale teams by applying humor as well as the quick impression of the new products to maintain their interest. Values will guide their behavior as the sale representatives interact with the teams in the training programs.


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