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Art involves a wide range of activities performed by human beings. It also involves the consequences of such activities. The activities may be technical or imaginative hence, are the product of an intellectual ability of an individual. Additionally, art is studied under various topics, such as the results of the art, esthetic value, criticism, as well as history. While, on the other hand, ethics deals with the positive behavior in relation to the surrounding as well as the people involved. This paper focuses on the statement that art should not require ethics approval as well as performance art should not be considered art, because art should never be a spectacle.

Art should not require ethics approval

It is difficult to take a stand in the argument since most societies require moral behavior in order to thrive. Additionally, for creativity to take place an individual needs to work without any hindrance or limitation. Some artists have a bad public image when it comes to morality. While on the other hand, such artists get awards for their pieces of work due to creativity. It is therefore worth noting that art does not need ethics approval.
Art should pass the idea from the artist mind to the viewer mind. Therefore, it passes information to generations. Philosophically, art and ethics are related in that both are classified in the value theory. Therefore, a work of art should meet both moral and creative values in their connection to the surrounding. However, in most cases the creativity does not take into account all the values. For art to be original and without hindrance, moral values should be overlooked. In order to raise the value of art to suit both levels in the society, it is imperative to consider its moral worth. According to the readings, conceptual art is important in passing information that logic alone cannot pass. Therefore, new experiences and creativity are because of illogical judgments.
In conclusion, art is important in driving some important ideas to both the present and future generations. It is difficult to take a side in the argument because most of the modern societies require moral behavior in order to flourish. However, for creativity to take place an individual needs to work without any hindrance or limitation.

Performance art should not be considered art, because art should never be a spectacle

Art should not spectacle is not a good reason why performance art should not be considered an art. There are many reasons why artists become creative and one of such reasons is to create wealth and money through getting the liking from the audience. One of the reasons why an art should be a spectacle is because the wealth and money that most of the artists make in the industry, many are ready to trade ethics for fame. Some people argue that artists should be judged by their work and not their ethical perceptions concerning their work.
Art are meant to entertain, and for this reason, words that are in art are not literature. Creativity is the foundation of an art, therefore, to make an event or performance exiting it should act as a spectacle to the audience. Art is important in driving some important ideas to both the present and future generations. The future generation can as well use the historical art to relate the ideas that were eminent at that time. Therefore, for the sake of future generations, it is worth letting the artists, both the creative and fine artists, to use their skills without interference. On the other hand, it is also important to take into account that what an individual sees affect his/her emotions, senses, reason, imagination, and language. Hence, the effect of such situation might affect the individual in a positive or negative way. Some artistic works imitate nature and are meant for various purposes such as passing the idea of conservation of the environment and the available natural recourses.
In conclusion, performance art should be spectacle since it needs to pass information to various generations as well as breaking the boredom and monotony of an individual or the audience.

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