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The case study provides an update on the current situation at AeroTech, Inc. Specifically, the case study focuses on an interaction session between, Patrick Delacroix (Executive Vice President of AeroTech) and Cassandra Wilson (a consultant on Organization development). In the case study, Patrick seeks expertise help to boost the productivity of workers from the laser systems division. Patrick believes both the workers and the team manager (Todd) require training on project management so that they can become productive like other divisions of the company. Patrick believes by enhancing the productivity of Todd’s division, the company will enhance its market share. Patrick acknowledges that the firm is currently facing a number of challenges such as declining revenues, and contracts (Anderson, p.145). Moreover, the company is not honoring its commitments in supplying products to the markets and this is due to time delays. After providing a brief background of the company’s situation, Cassandra still needs more information from Patrick so that she can come up effective plans to address the problems. The case study ends with Cassandra informing Patrick that she will write a proposal with the specific information she would require from Patrick concerning the company.

AeroTech SWOT Analysis

Strengths-As seen from the case, AeroTech has a vast experience in the engineering business and this act as strength for the company. The company can capitalize on this strength to revive its market power.
Weakness- Quality issues and, poor financial performance and, delays in honoring product realize serves as the main weak areas for the company.
Opportunity- Despite the challenges above, the company can focus on providing laser systems technology as an opportunity to regain market power and restore its diminishing glory in the business environment. Moreover, the company should take advantage of Cassandra professional advice in boosting the company’s workers performance hence realizing increased productivity.
Threats- Rival firms pose a threat to the growth of Ameritech business ventures. If rival firms produce products that increase competition then AeroTech will have to rethink its business strategies.
The client is requesting for expertise help in boosting the performance of the company’s workers. The client specifically wants Cassandra to provide insights on how to boost the productivity of the company. For instance, he states that, “We have very limited budgets and very short delivery windows in which we’re expected to produce results for the business p.147”. The client believes if the company gains insights on boosting productivity it will change its current problems and gain foot in the market. I believe Todd’s and his teams should not entirely be blamed for the company poor performance. As indicated in the case, Todd is a competent manager who has performed well in other companies. Todd’s support team also has workers who are both new and tenured. The main problem affecting Todd’s team is that the company did not provide effective job training and provided the team with how the company operates its activities. Quite often when a team is operating in a new environment it may take time to realize desires results because it is familiarizing with the environment. Therefore, when Cassandra provides the necessary training and equips the Todd’s teams with project management skills they will improve their performance and start executing projects in a timely manner.
The best data that will illustrate the main problems occurring at AeroTech is data from new workers especially on their experience, and training. This type of data would come from interviews conducted to the workers. Interview would provide the best way to get responses from clients. An analysis of different interview responses will indicate if the problems are occurring.
Interviews are best ways to gather data because they help an interviewer better understand the interviewee ideas on various topics. They help an interviewer gather sensitive information that would be hard to get in group setups. However, interviews sometimes are not reliable because they are time consuming and the respondents may not provide accurate information of different topics. Respondents may have a predetermined reasoning on various topics and hence provide inaccurate data.
In getting quality responses from the respondents (Todd’s team), the interview will require at least one week. The one week will cater on getting responses from all members of Todd’s team as well as other company workers. Below are some of the questions that will include in the interview.

Do you feel comfortable working with other members of the Laser department?

What challenges do you face working with the laser engineering division?
Do you think the company is pressuring you to deliver?
What methods or suggestions can you make that will improve the performance of your division?
Given the chance to conduct the consultation at AeroTech, I would recommend the following changes on values of organization development .First; I would suggest the company to review its participation, involvement and empowerment values to ensure workers acquire valuable skills that will boost their performance. Secondly, I will inform Todd and his team on the importance of working together to realize common goals. I would also recommend Todd and other company managers to consider appreciating and praising each workers input because this would boost their performance. In enhancing dialogue and collaboration I would encourage AeroTech senior workers to develop a plan that ensures cordial and effective communication among different management teams. Effective communication will help integrate the output of all teams and hence boost overall productivity. Finally, I would recommend the company to create a favorable environment and encourage workers to remain clear and open on any issue. For instance, workers should not exaggerate or lie about a task they are yet to complete.

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