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Cell phone is one of the most important technologies in the modern dispensation. Communication has been made easy and cheap because of the emergence of the cell phones. The essence and importance of cell phones in the modern dispensation cannot be overemphasized. Learning institutions have embraced the technology to the extent that students allowed possess the gadgets in class. While some of argued that cell phones are useful, others intimate that they are destructive. Technology cannot be ignored in any set up; hence, they should be used in classrooms to facilitate the learning process.
The essence of school is to prepare kids for life after the learning process. If students are to be properly prepared for the future, it is important to have the use the technological tools they will encounter in the days to come. In many careers, the use of cell phones is embraced, and is to some extent compulsory. Using cell phones in class effectively prepares the younger generation for their professional careers. In future mobile, the influence of mobile technology will increase and, therefore, students should be allowed to use cell phones in class.
Many learning institutions face major constraints to the extent that they cannot fully employ the technology in schools. Using technology that is freely available makes a lot of senses. Students possess mobile phones that can be used in classes to facilitate the learning processes. Ideally, smartphones have search engines and applications that can be used to search for the meaning of difficult vocabularies. Cell phones are critical and essential due to the logic of their application classes.
In the 21st century, there are skills that have emerged that can only be taught to kids using emerging technologies like cell phones. In the modern dispensation, video conferencing has become a major tool for arranging meetings and enhancing collaboration. Cell phones have applications like Skype that can help students to work in groups even in remote locations. Cell phones also have looked up options and can save time especially where certain issues are to be researched in a short period.
Allowing cell phones in class is a duty and a responsibility that stakeholders should take seriously. It becomes possible to teach students how to use the technology in their respective disciplines by allowing cell phones in class responsibly. Avoiding or telling kids not to use cell phones in class is detrimental and irresponsible on the part of the teachers. Technology has to be embraced from the lower units to the professional world.


Cell phone application in the classroom is one of the most important issues in the modern dispensation. The benefits outweigh the cons and should; therefore, be considered appropriately. Though there are benefits of the application of mobile technology in class, it should be noted that it could aid students in enhancing exam irregularities. While cell phones are a great tool, they should be checked against their application in various systems.

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