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Health information is extremely important because it empowers people to make the right choices. However, information can be overwhelming and confusing to readers or the public. Given the ton of information available on the internet on websites, blogs, academic sites, and social networks, it is highly critical to be able to judge and assess the quality. This can be daunting because health information is dynamic owing to continuous research and because various parties use varying approaches to treating certain conditions. CHADD is one among many health related websites that draws the attention of the reader to attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder. The most ideal way to learn of the credibility of the website would be to assess the succinctness, aim, objectivity, and currency of the information on the website. This essay presents an in-depth analysis of the website using the criteria that lay emphasis on accuracy, objectivity, authority, and currency of the information on a website to ascertain whether CHADD is credible.
Ideally, the information on a website should have a distinguishable source or body of authoritative authors. It is essential to assess whether the source of the information or the authority presenting the information is objective, fair, and lacking in concealed motives or not to know of you can judge the content as credible information. A close examination of the credentials of CHADD shows that it is a credible source cited by scholars and academicians. Making the System Work, a book by Jensen, lists credible journals that present important ADHD information. The author advises parents to look for ADHD website citing that it is a good place to start (Jensen 2003). The information is parallel to what reputable journals present regarding the symptoms and characteristics of the disorder. The website appears to have the symptoms one journal documents well listed (Owens 2009). Most importantly, the website does not appear to have any ill motive, but endeavors to provide open communication regarding ADHD to those who need it. The core values of the organization that owns the website include integrity, respect, flexibility, commitment to diversity, and dedication to the mission of the organization, which exemplify the real motives of CHADD.
Knowing that the information on a source such as a website has undergone the scrutiny of a panel of professionals can bolster the authority and credibility of the information source and information itself. CHADD meets this criterion as its board of staff members subsumes a select group of professionals from a myriad of backgrounds. They all share the same interests: advocating and educating for ADHD. The members are also responsible for developing policies and overseeing the well-being of the organization. It is encouraging to know that the members who review and author the information contained on CHADD include doctors, psychologists, lawyers, and educationists. Moreover, these members follow a strict strategic plan that helps them identify credible information that illuminates the mission and principles of CHADD, which, as we have seen, do not depict any concealed motives.
CHADD is an .org website, signifying that it belongs to a non-profit organization. The organization responsible for the authorship chadd.org is a national nonprofit making organization aimed at giving education, advocacy, and related support to individuals with ADHD and their caregivers. The information contained on the website supplements to the objectives, and it has to be credible if the organization intends to fulfill its mission. Other than that, the organization also publishes a myriad of printed material to help members, as well as professionals, be up to speed on research advances, treatments, medications affecting people with ADHD. An article on the role of teachers in managing ADHD is just one of the many journals that recognize CHADD as a reliable organization that advocates people with ADHD (Phillips 2006).
There are no red flags on CHADD. The attention of a reader should be drawn by some red flags in a website that claims to be advocating a certain group of affected people. Some websites are there to promote their products, but they have inaccurate information of information that is not up to date. Such websites have a conflict of interest as the owners may only want to present findings that encourage the readers to purchasing certain products. However, an analysis of CHADD depicts that It does not have any red flag or any malicious motive with selfish interest.
In conclusion, the information on chadd.org is accurate, authoritative, objective, and current. The website exists to provide open communication to people with ADHD and their caregivers. The website is owned by an organization with a mission is to educate and advocate on behalf of ADHD patients. The information on the website is parallel to the DSM-V criteria for ADHD and other journals that present information regarding the illness. Many scholars have quoted the website in their research while several authors advise those who want credible information to visit the site.


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