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Alexis de Tocqueville came up with a document known as De la démocratie en Amérique to describe the kind of government and democracy had during his travels in America. He represents the occurrence of the American democratic revolution which took place for a period of seven hundred years. The French government sent them to study the American prison system. He had a partner by the name Gustave de Beaumont. Their work included collecting information from the political, economic, and religious and prison sector. They also visited Ontario and Quebec. He believed that his study in America had a comprehensive and desirable nature. It would open the country to the outside world to create an understanding of the democracy. Other countries would borrow the system in their leadership styles in the government.
The social condition for the past seven centuries during the time Tocqueville visited its boundaries had undergone much change. The social and economic sector of the American people operated in an equal manner. He made an observation that aristocratic type of leadership diffused into a state of equality and equity. The government allowed men to enter the clergy. Social class failed to influence leadership in the country. The state also allowed many economic opportunities. The government abolished primogeniture and hold royal titles as a form of nobility.
Democracy focuses on changing beliefs and makes their intentions righteous. It also enables the transfer of feelings from one person to another have a regulated motion. It creates the environment where the citizen lives a safe place for them to adapt to their leadership of their government. It also allows individuals speak out their minds through sharing their opinions with others in ways that fail to hurt others around them. Democracy has always have the same nature and similar impact to the people since the several events that have affected America. Democracy has undergone through the American Revolution, the First and the Second World War, the 2008 economic crunch, and the cold war. Democracy has not stopped cherishing the Americans throughout their lives and workplace.
America has a major composition of its people emerging from the outside world. People come from Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia to look for greener pastures. In the process, they start their life in the country and after a short time they attain citizenship through registration. Their children may achieve citizen through naturalization and birth depending on their status of living during their stay in the country. Since the country comprises of people with different backgrounds, they need to cherish democracy to harmonize their feelings, opinions and needs under the same locality. With the arrival of the Puritans from Europe, America began to experience a state of equality for its citizen.
The Puritans created a law whereby education would find its way to the people on an equal basis. The people would also have access to other social amenities and resources to make their lives better. No one would have high regards compared to another. The constitution treats all individuals with equality and equity. Democracy in the country depicts its powers in several manners. People thoughts and actions have their inception from the constitution.
All citizens in America may carry out their desires. The law limits them whenever their thoughts and actions affect other individuals. Democracy allows the American people to go through a process through which they vote the leader of their choice. It gives them a room also to participate in the leadership of the country. People may also vie for any position that involves running the government and improve the economic status of the country. The constitution allows them to run for other positions as the sheriff, the Juror, Magistrate, and mayor. The law also gives women the position to speak out their minds and take part in leadership. The country fails to discriminate women in the running of the country. Women have the freedom to register their companies and social groups in order to improve their status. The country offers them equal opportunities as men. The law gives both men and women similar status in the operations of their activities. The Congress and the county governments work in the favor of the citizens. The various laws passed by the congressmen ensure that they have the interests of the people at heart. The American citizen has a duty and responsibility to protect the country against any harm.
Therefore, the congressmen have a duty to protect the constitution and the interest people have towards the development of the country. Democracy has instituted the army with the power to protect the country from external harm. It enables them to leave without fear and with the freedom to choose whatever that makes them happy. Democracy influences many people from other countries to move to America for a peaceful stay. The constitution treats both the citizen and foreigners with similar opportunities. The law punishes criminals in the same manner without considering their citizenship. Other countries around the world should emulate America’s democracy and incorporate primary composition of its constitution into their governments’ leadership.

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