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It is evident that information technologies occur to have one of the greatest influences upon the public. The thing is that modern people are dependent on the issues related to IT advancement; as a result, the international storage principles are currently undergoing drastic changes in terms of its key goals as well as the strategy utilized. As for the question whether digital literacy appeared as the necessary skill in today’s society, it is worth saying that the recent advances in technology have definitely made a real revolution within the approaches to conduct of life. Inevitably, such human activities as art movement, mass media and even philosophy emerge to be much impacted by the digital tendencies of the 21st century; considering the major changes within the field of the abovementioned human activities, it is basically about the process of digitalization. The process of digitalization proves to have both mostly positive effects, since due to its unique format the digitalized information is hard to be damaged or lost with the lapse of time.

Digital literacy

Analyzing the notion of digital literacy, one should understand that it is mainly about the knowledge necessary while using a wide range of up-to-date devices, including, for instance, smartphones, tablets, etc. digital literacy is beyond any doubt a significant entitlement for all people. The thing is that the digital culture is likely to outperform all the other forms of human activities and, consequently, one should take into consideration the need to get adapted to increasingly digital standards. It is clear that digital literacy furnishes people with the skills and corresponding understanding necessary in order to participate in intellectual, cultural and societal life. Speaking about digital literacy, it is worth making mention the fact that this ability requires the opportunity to apply to numerous digital tools. To be precise, one should clearly understand that digital literacy lies in the ability to utilize and share meaning in various formats. Moreover, digitally literate person should be able to communicate and collaborate efficiently; to be digitally literate person, it is also necessary be aware of how digital technologies have to be utilized to maintain the mentioned processes.
Looking into the entity of digital literacy, one should be aware that it often incorporates critically involving with advanced technologies and improving a social understanding of the way a variety of factors are likely to influence the concepts of the information conveyed. Basically, it means that a person is able to represent the skills in numerous formats as well as to various spectators. Obviously, digital literacy endows people with the ability to keep in step with constantly developing digital culture. In short, the discussion item is some sort of being savvy from the perspective of taking part meaningfully within different human activities. Nowadays, the majority of educational institutions openly show its digital trend. Contemplating upon the popularity of digital literacy, which is likely to replace the ordinary formats of communication and collaboration, one should understand that this process is dictated by rapidly developing digital culture. Despite the fact that there is still a number of debates concerning all the strengths and weaknesses of the human awareness transformation, digital literacy successfully turns into a new social trend necessary to be obeyed. The point is that contemporary civilization can hardly exist without the bulk of all the digital tools, which have made a great contribution in the upbringing of absolutely different human awareness.

The importance of Digital Literacy

Considering the importance of digital literacy, it is necessary to clearly understand its major advantages that any category of people is likely to have while being digitally literate. Digital technology appears to have an expanding place in today’s society. It is apparent that over the past ten years digital technologies have undergone a serious process of rearrangement; it starts from mobile phones with an ability to send messages online and finishes with the latest digital projects enabling people to create artworks. Despite the fact that one cannot overlook the disparities in terms of having an access to information technologies, it is still necessary to make mention that digital media occurs as the pivotal aspect for many people. It becomes apparent that human digital awareness is the matter of great importance, since young people live in the world characteristic of recently-conducted digital revolution.
Since the technology appears to have an important role in modern social culture, digital literacy is absolutely significant in people’s lives. For instance, children as well as mature people are characterized by active manipulation of digital media so as take part in different aspects of life. Consequently, it is possible to conclude that people have to be able to convey information in various modes. What is more, it is worth saying that many young people utilize technologies in order authorize their personal media. The thing is that digital technologies allow people to uncover new talents hidden deeply inside. Apart from just having fun while using digital devices, it is necessary to draw attention to the ability to design creative things when being digitally literate and having access to certain tools (Davies, Julia and Merchant). Regarding the notion of digital literacy, one should take into account the thing that this term incorporates the support of people willing to turn into real “meaning-makers” (Prout & James). The engineers, involved in developing digital projects, are aimed at broadening the use of new technologies within the area of creative activity and increasing self-esteem. Considering the significance of digital literacy, one should be conscious that “ young people today expect to be able to appropriate and circulate media for their own self-expression.” (Ito) Evidently, being digitally literate occurs as definitely significant modern knowledge; the point is that it helps people to unravel a new approach to their life. One have to know that people should be capable of operating digital devices; they have to be good at using unfamiliar software, since today’s trends are tightly connected with digital literacy. On the other hand, the lack of knowledge, necessary to be digitally literate, can easily affect people in way that they will lose their confidence in cooperating with the others. As a result, teaching digital literacy is worthy of notice since the very childhood. Obviously, once the parents are interested in providing convenient conditions to bring up a socially-adapted child, initially, they have to accept the importance of digital literacy.

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