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An attractive art is what every artist or anybody in the field of art could wish to have. That one doesn’t just come without understanding what art means or what impact will your art create to the society? I had problems of topic narrowing to make it interesting to the audience. I attended lessons that have created an impact to my carrier in this field of art. From my personal experience as a student who initially found it hard to write, there is a lot I have learnt from my class that offers elements of expository writing. Writing is more than just putting letters and words on a paper, it involves preparation through reading through the subject analyzing the forms of writing, placement of words, letters used and punctuations to come up with a meaning full sentence, story or document.
It is rather very essential to break down a longer topic into smaller and clear sentences. This will help one be able to understand easily without any problems. This is what the sessions I attended in class have helped me to accomplish. Previously I could not even know how to construct a simple sentence that can make meaning to any audience. After learning on these ways of breaking down a bigger and complicated sentence, I can now do it happily thanks to the sessions I attended. Writing consists of the day to day activities even to me an art student who is just expected to draw; I realize there is a part writing plays in my work. I also learnt how to restructure sentences and how to use verbs to create strong subjects and specific language in writing.
Art is one field that always needs a wide research, to succeed in this, it’s always good to have a topic, analyze it well and pick the important information that is discussed in the topic and make a good summary of it. The summarizing of the big topic is very helpful since it gives up the whole concept of the topic and thus saving time for one to do other things. As a better writer now the structuring of sentences to include the most important elements to the article, organizing the words and being able to use just a word where I would have used several words has made my work better and more meaningful.
In my field of art, narrowing down this wide topics is the major thing that any writer can think of, this is the problem I had first since it was difficult for me to be able to well analyze the article or topic and be able to cover all important issues in it. Since I attended the lessons I have been able to depict the essence of summarizing and how to summarize those wide topics. As a writer my creativity in writing is enhanced as I read through the topic am to write about and making a selection of words am to use to convey my message. At least I realize that writing is not about many words but about producing meaningful writing that will capture the audience, this depends on how I begin a sentence .for example, If I want to make my writing attractive, I need to begin with strong words by properly using a verb or if the sentence has an element of a person but being used in the passive. I can change it and use the person at the start of the sentence to make it read in the active voice.
A good artist needs to have a good background in English, he or she must understand on how to construct sentences without any grammatical errors. This will help the work of art to go to an extra miles. Good summarizing of the topic will attract the reader to get interest in reading the content of the topic. This is different when the topic is left wide which gives the reader hard time to understand what it is about. Elimination fragments, commas and the fused sentences is another thing that I learnt and now it is benefiting be in my art class. I am able to analyze any kind of art and write a constructive thing about it. Sentence construction in any field helps in communication. Example in my field of art proficiency in grammar and sentence construction will in attracting people into the work of our art since it could have helped us interpret and understand what the art needs.
In conclusion professional writing needs one to understand the language well, be able to fragment the sentences, be able to break down a wider topic into smaller points that will help in the writing field and with that one can be able to analyze any work of art. I have learnt a lot that has helped me in the field of art. I will always work to perfect my sentence structuring and composition for me to shine in my field of art. Lack of good grammar and sentence construction will lead to poor understanding of some arts and this problem will lead to underperformance on the work of art. Much practice and application will lead to a good experience in the field of art.

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