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Instruction Manual for building a Deck

A deck is a raised horizontal platform. It is usually constructed in the open spaces facing main doors and extending towards the house walls. They can be used as podiums, place for taking photographs, resting, reading or taking drinks. They are commonly built around houses or grounds in hotels, residential houses, entertainment joints, and parks.

Posthole digger
Spirit level
Tape measure
Wood drill
21/2 in galvanized nails
3 in screws

¾ in bolts and nuts

120lb concrete mix
4 X 4 in posts
2 X 8 in decking strips
8 X8 in bearers

4X8 in joists

4 gals of oil-based paint
3 in drainage pipes

Framing anchors

Bearer: Horizontal wooden beam that support the upper wooden platform of the deck
Joist: Parallel wooden beam on which the decking strips are fixed
Profile board: Vertical rails fixed at the edges of a construction site to indicate or mark out the structure of building and excavation areas
Peg: Wooden or metallic rod with sharp ends that are driven into the ground for anchoring or marking out or tying strings

Step 1: Deck Design and Site Preparation

Prepare a sketch design for the deck that includes the dimensions (height, length and width) and other important features of the deck
*The design should have adequate space that can accommodate furniture and people

Locate an open space where the deck should be constructed. The site should be sheltered from direct sunlight and winds

Clear the ground by removing weeds and any other structure that might hinder construction of the deck
Level the ground using a rake, hoe or shovel
Lay the drainage pipes to remove any excess water that might clog under the deck
*Also lay gas and electricity pipes if they shall be needed

Cover the ground with stone chips. Decorative stones can be used to boost esthetic appeal

Step 2: Setting the Deck
Lay out the deck profile boards. Setting should be done using the structure design or plan.

Fix the pegs at the corners of the deck and ensure each corner is square

*A3-4-5 triangle technique can be used to check the square

Run the string around the pegs

Mark the positions of the posts along the string leaving a distance of 1800mm between the posts
Dig a 7 in diameter and 30 in height holes at the positions marked.
*The holes should accommodate at least 250mm by 250mm by 250mm of concrete

Prepare the concrete using appropriate ratio indicated on the cement

*Recommended ratio is 1:2:3 for cement, sand and ballast respectively
Put the post in the holes and fill the holes using the concrete. The concrete level should extend at least 75mm above the ground

Use vibrator to stir up the concrete to achieve high stability

Confirm that the post are vertically straight using a spirit level
Leave the concrete to dry for at least 14 days
Caution: Ensure you cure the concrete for good strength
Once the concrete has dried, cut the post into appropriate heights using a saw.
Step 3: Attaching bearers
Cut the bearers to correct lengths.
Mark the positions where the bearers and posts shall be fixed and drill a hole in the positions
Attach to the bearers to the posts using nails. Use framing anchors to reinforce the joints.
*Whenever the deck is attached to the house, bearers should be fixed into the walls using mortar

Step 4: Fixing Joists

Use nails to attach joists across the bearers. The distance between the joists must be at least 400mm.

Make sure that joists are leveled

Trim off any extended parts of the joists
Step 5: Attaching the decking
Beginning from one end of the deck, lay the across the joists and fix them using nails. Make sure that joists joints are covered by decking

Caution: The nails should be driven below timber using nail punch to minimize injuries

Fill the spaces between decking using pieces of wood and glue
Cut or trim off an excess wood from bearers and decking using planes or saw.
Step 6: Final Touches
Paint or oil the surface of the deck using oil based paint
Apply, any decorative material on the deck to improve its appearance

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