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The description of a place:

a) The beauty of its manifestation
The beauty of nature is in its full manifestation. I am alone on a bench in a park, wondering at the scenic panorama before me. It is weekend and beach is filled with people enjoying the blessing of the nature. The vast sea stretches before me and soothes the eyes with its deep blue color. The glistening blue water attracts the sight and refills energy to the soul. The cold water gives me heavenly joy. The view of water gives immense pleasure and joy. Water splashing into the rocks makes the view memorable. The bright color of a sky, the water, the land, the green grass, and the birds all realizes the nature’s beauty. The cool breeze is blowing gently with a sweet, joyful sound. The grasses were moving with the air look like that they are enjoying the cool breeze. I feel the breeze gently touching my body. The seabirds are singing and dividing in the sea water shows their happiness and pleasure at this picturesque scenery. Their sound is making the environment cheerful and lovely.
b) The filthy face of nature
The scene of destruction and death is evident everywhere. On a glaring sunny day, I was on the beach which was depicting a scene of decomposition and deterioration. Everything looks filthy and irritating. The wind is filled with the ill smell of the filth. The brackish sea water was filled with lots of dead organisms and was looking for a cemetery. The water is dumped with debris, and everyone is reluctant to use it. The splashing water gives horrifying noise, and the environment was dull and gloomy. The sunlight is seems stinging the body, and its glaring light looks unattractive rather disturbing. The baffling birds in the midst of a sky are desperate. The grasses seem to be suffocating by the filth in the surrounding and of the water. The whole picture is a depiction of dismal and irritating.

Rhetorical Analysis:

The view at the sea was great and joyous. It was astonishing to note the benevolence of the nature at the sea. The scenery at the seaside was presenting both positive and negative depictions. The sceneries allowed me to scribe both the positive and negative impression of the view. The environment was refreshing and cheerful while at the same time the same ambiance was filthy and irritating. I remain stick to the notions throughout the description and every description carefully crafted on it.
The same sound produced when sea water strikes the seashore is described in both accounts. Positive description shows that the sound is a beautiful addition to the environment and depicted as energy and joy, while the same sound in the negative description looks horrendous and fearful. Similarly, the wind looks pleasing and refreshing in the first passage while the second passage considers it was irritating with bad odor. In the positive notion, the sunlight is bright and making the environment cheerful. In its negative depiction, the sunlight is glaring and stings when one feel it on the body.
I started my description with the note ‘Beauty at its manifestation’ depicts the mode of writing in the following part. The statement stresses on the beauty and charm of the place. Whereas, I started the negative description of “the death and destruction are evident everywhere’. This notion in this sentence is in complete contrast with the former. The sentiment evoked in this statement gives dull and gloomy tone for the place.
For this passage, I had to give attention to the choice of words which is central in determining the nature of tone in writing. It is also important to give the reader the real experience of the place. In order to serve the purpose, I have to select words with extreme care in order to preserve the theme of the passage. The difference of notions in the passages is maintained and contrasted through proper usage of words and other tools of from the writing tool box like similes, metaphors, as well as phrases. The passages ‘shows’ rather than ‘tells’ about the place. The sentiments in the former passage expressed in terms like ‘blessings’ and ‘joys’ are replaced with the ‘destruction’ and ‘deterioration’. The blessing, joy, cheerful, sets the notion of the text positive while, on the other hand, the gloomy, dull, irritating, arise negative notions about the place. In every detail of the descriptions, I maintained the tone of notions in both descriptions of the place. In doing so, I quit details on some account while expressing the full on some other occasions.
Though out the description, I tended to maintain the structure of sentences harmonious with the notions it carried. It usually requires longer sentences with positive or negative descriptions. I started my description with short sentences and then went on increasing the details in it. It resulted in longer sentences with more detail and more positive or negative depiction of the place.

The Reflection:

The art of the writing is an appropriate way of depicting place or situations. It beautifies and attracts more attention of the reader. This process of writing also increased the writer’s vision of using different toolbox according to the requirement to create different emotions. More importantly, it presents readers a particular idea or theme about the subject. It is more appropriate to thematic writings when it comes to composing examples written pieces. That’s why it is widely used in print and electronic media.

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