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The Politics of Global Economy: The Treadmill of National Growth

The concept of globalization is not a simplistic one, but it has multiple dimensions, and therefore, one has to study the notion with great analytical mind in order to understand it fully. However, globalized world and socially integrated globe will eventually develop socialistic characteristics where communal equality will prevail. The developed nations are facing the headache of financial perils, and therefore, they have an inclination towards outsourcing their production activities to less advanced parts of the world. With the passage of time, people of dark areas of the globe are learning to change their lifestyles (Rivoli, 35) because they have witnessed economic growth for the first time in their lives, and they have to thank globalization in this regard.
Globalization has a nemesis as well that goes by the name of nationalism and that mental trend is hindering the process of global integration to have a deeper manifestation in the world where we live. The nationalistic approach towards worldly affairs has propagated on the basis of enmity, and people consider some nations as friends and other as enemies, but there is no concept of friendship in the global economic system because every country is adamant to watch its self interest through bringing betterment in the lives of the concerned citizens. However, the role of international institutions will emerge as a significant force in the near future because one day humanity will acknowledge the fact that they are indeed facing globalized issues such as water shortage, global warming, and unprecedented consumption of fuel. In this way, the global world will realize the need to have social integrative world order as well. The technology has played a partial hand in this regard, but the socialization experience that it offers is not that strong, and people cannot work together, and the globalization in its present form is mostly virtual in nature.
This paper is talking about a completely different genre of globalization because in due time, we are going to need pool of resources both material and human to cater the changing requirements of the life in the 21st century. Additionally, there is too much negativity about the conceptual framework of socially integrative globalized world order because we have received a training to safeguard our interests at both national and individualistic levels, and we are in the midst of the process that is going to destroy the stage where everyone has to perform his or her due role, according to the greatest poet, William Shakespeare. The capitalistic mindset grows social inequality and psychological suffering in people because their basic needs and wants remain unfulfilled for oftentimes, and therefore, subjects of misfortune usually develop criminal behaviors.
The resources of Earth belong to every human being, but the business professionals along with the investors occupy the natural factors, and initiate selling them dear both in raw and finished forms. The humanistic values are dying away, and the developing nations are moving towards having democracy, but they lack social antecedents required to install the intended mechanism, and therefore, the democratic practice is a holy grail amongst less advanced nations.
The financial challenges those developed nations are confronting in the present times have a constructive strategic benefit attached to it in the long term scenario, but one needs the internal eye of the heart in order to feel the distant presence of a social change whose effects are being felt all around the world.
The living standards of past economic leaders are depreciating with the passage of time, and they have to find cheap productive facilities those can bestow them with cost advantages, and the managers have to follow the established cost reductive regime in order to hold their heads high on the relevant professional platforms, but the plant of socialism is emerging out of a base that is provided by capitalism, and therefore, both economic approaches are interrelated and intertwined as well. The world of the future will take the globalization to a next level where there will be no perceivable difference of economic stature amongst the nations, and the living standards will improve as well. In this manner, the globalization will end war, hunger, and suffering in the world without claiming the ownership of natural resources. The environmental friendliness and social cause will combine together in order to guide corporate affairs of the changing world about that this investigative effort is talking about.
The globalization of a T-shirt reveals a dream that the author of the considered work holds so dearly because humans have a few fundamental wants, and clothing is no doubt one of them, and the people choose their garments according to their underlying socioeconomic stature, and the econometric degradation and improvement in developed and developing parts of the world will cause people to have similar fashion choices, and the writer is clearly visualizing the world where there is a prevalence of similar personal outlook, and when people will wear lookalike clothes then their sense of superiority will also dissolve. The people will learn the lesson of humanistic values once more, and this time, the literally realization would be a stronger one, and the resultant cultural change would also be hard in its structure, and the issue of global warming and shortage of fuel would dissipate as well because the choices of businesses and individuals in the future would outweigh social benefit over the individualistic one.
On the other hand, this study have to find good in the preferred evils of the world, and the traditional Islamic philosophy urges people to work not for themselves, but for the society as a personal priority. The modern and conventional scholars of sociology, economics and psychology considered Islam as a theological system that consistently talks to the future, and therefore, the image of globalized world with minimal degree of differentiation would create an order in the international community that would hold social equality as a cherished fruit to say the least, and therefore, the world is going into the direction where it will become raceless, genderless, and will start to consider humans as people with hearts and emotions.
The artistic fields will emerge as preferred professional arena, and therefore, the ethical side of the world will readjust itself according to the dynamically modifying world order. The globalized world will consider the happiness of people as a means to measure governmental effectiveness, and the international institutions will help the businesses to flourish by providing them with financial and strategic stimulation.


This paper creatively worked in order to develop a conceptual link between capitalism and socialism. This study challenges the belief that both of the considered fiscal approaches are opposite to each other, but the mindsets are complimentary, and they apply themselves hand in hand as well. The companies set a first straw that will notably contribute towards creation of the world that will hold socialistic value as a primal force in the community. The concept of self-interest has to go through deconstruction in order to impress the humans to preferably engage in the provision of social service as a personal priority.
The Islamic philosophy will become central in terms of having a modernized world that will follow rules of the dark ages, but the element of technology will introduce the organizational practices those do not burden the human capital too much, and the psychological inventories from the history will allow us to appreciate art and beauty.
The humans will have the freedom to follow his or her passion, and the entire world will grow into a globe of opportunities, and the document of American Declaration will serve as basic format that the new world will trail in order to create returns of happiness instead of financial ones. The companies will ask the candidates that what they can do for them, and eventually, corporate slavery will subside as a social outcome.
The techno-human interaction will dictate affairs in the future, but the goals of the organization will humanize with the passage of time. The space age represents a holy grail that humanity cannot achieve because they are too selfish for that, and therefore, people of the world have to become part of something much greater than them. The world has to learn to work in peace, and they have to unlearn the lesson of hate as well.
The technology does not follow humanistic values, and therefore, the intensive use of social media and internet in general is killing compassionate relations amongst humans, and we are forcibly caused to live shallow and superficial lives. However, the genuine social relations are the ones those cause rapid human development, and the exchange of information in the real time is the essence of learning as well.

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