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It could be clearly seen on the video that the struggle of the company to come up with ideas on how to market their new service is on the highest level. The company wants to have a marketing strategy that would invite the audience to be more emotionally attached to their campaign. Moreover, as it was a new service to the airline the emphasis on the social need satisfaction of the passengers were also addressed. They have introduced a strategy that would be so simplistic and without even showing the aircraft. The song was intended to be a mellow one to capture the ears of the audience. The strategy was quite risky but definitely a worthy tactic that has contributed to the success of the airlines.

Definition of Clutter and What is breaking through the clutter?

A clutter is the mode or an act that would give the audiences a large amount of advertisements on a specified timeline. This is a strategy to give familiarization of the product or the services offered to the company to the target audience. An example is that a series of different advertisements but for the same company is broadcasted to a certain network would implant the memory of the service to the market. However, the marketers on the preview have shown difficulty on how to break the walls of this excessive type of marketing. Breaking through the clutter is another clutter quoted on the video. This has also given the chance of many experimental methods to come alive.

The Difference of Advertising thru the Heart and the Head.

Advertising through the head is like simply inputting an idea of what is the product or the service all about. On the other hand advertising through the heart creates an invisible connection to the audience. This would give somehow an inner presence of the message conveyed by the advertisement and persuading the target audience about the said product or service.

The Er Words, and why don’t we see them?

Er words were used to give emphasis on a more quality service over the other one. It could also mean that they are surpassing their predecessors. However, the used of these words has been very over used and today this is not already the norm. Today marketers should advertise what the audience would need and not on what they could offer more.

Emotional Branding and the role of a Brand Manager

The term emotional branding refers to the filling up the void that common “ non-commercial institutions” could ever give. This is a method that would give insight to the audience that they could attain such thing and could experience this new product to attain the new feeling. It has become a mode of persuading that would bring the audience to a new lifestyle. The role of the brand manager is to assess the over-all status of the brand and help it emerge high against competing brands.

Cults and Advertising Relationship

It has given the marketers and idea that the feeling of belongingness is the sought emotion by many clients. This has open new doors to new methods of advertising including the use of songs and many arts that would extend the scope of audience to be targeted by the advertisement.

What is happening to advertising agencies now?

Agencies nowadays are having a hard time finding the right input of advertisement for them to persuade target audiences. However, innovations to marketing strategies are also evident. Viral, article and social media marketing are one of the new innovative ways of advertising.

Robert’s Lovemark

Robert has been worried that the term brand has losing its popularity through time. In his book he has proposed that adding sensuality and most especially love would make the audience convinced of the advertising. It is composed of a mystery, it could be a series of past experiences and the emphasis of the five senses (sensuality) and lastly intimacy. This would create a good following from patronizing audiences.

What can we do on consumer’s skipping ads?

It is true that many consumers are paying more to operators not to broadcast advertisements in order to see the content. One way to still have an effective way of advertising is through product placement. The product could be integrated to the content that the audience would want to watch or a product placement that the consumers have no choice but to watch the advertisement and finish it.
Defining Madison + Vine
It has been described by Kolter as a new method of combining the world of advertising and entertainment to have a crack through the walls of the clutter. This would allow the creation of new avenues for marketing and new innovative methods in conveying message to the target audience.
Dr. Rapaille’s theory on consumers: Methods in getting to the consumer’s Brain.
The theory of Dr. Rapaille is basically constituted to the unspoken of the unaddressed needs of the consumer. Moreover, the theory would also give answers to the reaction of a certain individual on a concept or even an advertising stunt. Dr. Rapaille emphasized on the idea that the consumer would not feel the second feeling if they would not have feel it on the very first instance. The imprints of the unconscious mind are determined through emotion re-establishment. For example, a certain experience is presented with a corresponding emotion will be recorded. However, it will still undergo to three stages of the brain; the cortex, the reptilian and the limbic.

Frank Lutz word lab

Based on “The Persuaders” it is considered as a clarification. Word lab is mechanism by which the individual responses to a presentation were registered. The technology affirms to the responses of the person on a certain concept or an advertisement.

What is narrow casting?

Narrow casting is the term used by many advertisers referring to the narrow set of audience for a certain type of content or advertisement. The dissemination of the content is designed to convey the message for individuals of special interest or maybe due to geographical difficulties or standards.

What is Axciom?

It is a multinational company that has bases in the US, Europe and even in Asia that is specialized in giving marketing content. It addresses several problems in marketing including multichannel advertising, services on database management and database maintenance. According to “The Persuaders”, the company anticipates the demands of the consumers.

How have the politicians used narrow casting?

Politicians narrow cast those individuals that have the same interest. They have been using these techniques to have a strong support over many types of people. This has also become a venue of solidarity among many political parties. However, it is also intertwined with corrupt negotiations between the narrow casted individuals. The republicans and the democrats have been using these types of casting to persuade or to gain the support of other politicians or even common people.

What is the importance of “you” in advertising?

The marketers should always give importance to the audience and addressing them as the “you”. This would create a connection between the audience and the advertisement virtually. Similar to emotional branding, the personal touch of these marketing strategies to include the presence of the audience is very eminent.

Personal Opinions on Advertising

Advertising can also be overly sensationalized. However, with the right ingredients and the right research it could be effective to the audiences. As far as the modern era is concerned, advertising is very prominent. But agencies must also be aware that the minds of the audiences are also adapting to the changes in the market, and everyone must be cautious in putting up new advertisement.

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