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Published: 2020/12/18

Voice of the Customer

1. How was your waiting time in getting your food? Excellent

* This is a very important question because this is the number one concern/rant of customers. They do not want to be kept waiting for their food because they are already hungry when they came in the restaurant. According to the article, it is the number one thing that customers do not like because food is very important for them. And you really do not want to face a hungry and angry customer, right? I think this is one of the things that should be focused upon because, after all, you are selling food.
*When it comes to the CTQ performance characteristics, it is very important never to let your customers wait, especially when it comes to food and when they are hungry. One should never let their customers wait because they hate waiting as it ruins the mood. This has to be kept mind when asking this question.
2. How was the quality of the service you received from your server?
* Another thing that customers do not like is the bad quality service that a server is giving them. Again, one should consider the needs of the customer and the server should always do the same. As cliché as it sounds, the customer is always right. If the customer gives a bad feedback on the server, it will reflect on both the restaurant and the owner. Customers should feel that they are cared for by the service staff. As such, asking them this question is good because it will allow the business owner to determine what to improve.
* For this one, it is about quality service and customer satisfaction. These two CTQ characteristics are critical in this question because these are the foundations of the restaurant’s reputation.
3. How was the presentation and taste of our food? Was the food at the right temperature?
*One of the things LaRosa’s gathered from the responses is that the “food and drinks (should be) at their proper temperature.” Each customer has their own preference when it comes to how hot or cold they want their food to be. With this questioner, one will know the common denominator on how they want their food. It’s good that at their first taste, the temperature is just right and delicious at the same time.
4. How did you like our new amenities?

Large Waiting Area

Casual Bar Area
Private Dining Area
Children’s Area
*Instead of using a rating scale for this question, it is best for the customers to put their thoughts on the new restaurant amenities. This is very important for LaRosa’s because they are just developing these new amenities based on the responses that came from the VOTC. They need to know the customer’s feedback on each of these areas in order to determine if you still have to improve on anything to meet the needs of the customers. After all, these are new amenities so they are still in the testing stages.
5. How would you rate the cleanliness of our restaurant?


One of the things that customers will really notice in a restaurant is its cleanliness. When eating, they would want everything to be clean because they would want to eat clean food. This question is asking about the cleanliness of the whole restaurant: bathrooms, tables, bars, chairs, kitchens, and others.
*Cleanliness is very essential to the customer and it is equivalent to good quality service. It is very important to keep the restaurant clean at all times. If the customers indicate that the restaurant is dirty, then the restaurant should act accordingly.
6. Were you able to understand our menu?
* The first thing that customers do when they sit down is to look at the menu and to look at the food choices. If they cannot understand the menu, there is the possibility that they will lose the appetite to eat. As such, the menu should be easy to read.
7. How was the overall dining experience?
* This question is very important to ask near the end because the customers’ answers here will be based on their answers in the above question. One must take note that even though most of the answers above are positive, the answer here would be positive as well. This question will provide an indication of whether there is something wrong with the restaurant and what needs to be improved.
8. Will you visit our restaurant again?
* This question will indicate whether the customer likes the restaurant. Their answers can vary depending on their experience. Maybe they didn’t like the overall experience but they still want to go back to give the restaurant to give it a second chance. With their answers, one can find out what else needs to be done in your restaurant so that the next time the customer comes back, they will be more satisfied.

Customer Profile:

LaRosa’s Pizzeria has a wide variety of customers who come all day, every day. It is a family-friendly restaurant, so one would expect kids, teenagers, young adults, parents, and senior citizens to come here. The customers would come from the middle class to the upper class. They consist of those who want to be in a place where they can eat and enjoy talking with family and friends at the same time. It could be that they come here after work or on family days, which means that they want to relax and have fun while eating their meals. This also means that they do not want to experience any inconvenience.


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