Example Of Case Study On Medical And Health Care Ethics

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Numerous ethical issues can be associated with healthcare departments and the medical field. However, the ethical issues that are crucial to the medical field are gender and race. The two issues largely play a part in ensuring that the medical ethicists concern themselves with issues related to beneficence, autonomy and justice. Some of the principles applied in such cases involve informed consent, multiple births, genetic cloning, surrogate mothers and abortion. In this case, the paper will be tackling healthcare issues related to race which deals with Hispanics and gender, which deals with women.
Relationship and expectations for the Hispanic community can be expressed using PEN-3 model that is described using perception, enablers and nurturers. This is an expression used in giving the medical and health issues, which the Hispanic community is concerned. A short history on the Hispanic community entails that they are known for living long while they become old and diverse in thinking. Their population is growing fast, and some of the conditions in Americans are not spearing them. These health issues of the Hispanics can be explained through the Health Belief Models, which is usually determined through looking at some of the cultural beliefs of this community towards T2D.
The women in the American society are known to take serious measures when it comes to watching their weight. The women find themselves suffering from bulimia. Bulimia is a eating disorder that is caused psychologically and sometimes this eating disorder can be called bulimia nervosa. When one is suffering from this disorder she is characterized by a few episodes of binge-eating then eventually she might have inappropriate method of weight control. This inappropriate weight control can be fasting, vomiting, excessive use of laxatives, enemas and diuretics.
The binge-eating is this type of eating habit whereby one eats a large amount of food compared to the normal eating habit. It is believed that this type of eating large amount can be caused by stress, self-esteem issues and depression. During this period of binge eating, an individual cannot be controlled and this will be followed by a calmness that is short-lived. Then concurrently the individual will start to hate himself. This type of disorder does not start immediately but it is always characterized by obsession of purging and an individual will be repeating the habit often.
Easy accessibility and availability cheap junk foods influences on consumption patterns, food preferences, and purchase requests. Unhealthy food marketing has been vastly recognized as an increasing problem among the Hispanic youths. The trend has prompted scrutiny of the nutritional quality of food products, as well as, numerous campaigns to promote healthy eating. Unhealthy food consumption have been overlooked even by the public health community, nonetheless, it remains as the symbolic and social meaning of food among the youth. The consumption of junk food increases the risk of general obesity and abdominal obesity and therefore its consumption must be reduced.
When one meets a person that is suffering from bulimia, it will be noticed that the victim is very normal and most of them usually have weight that is normal but others tend to be overweight. It is believed that some of the women, who suffer from bulimia, are seen to be high achievers. The victims sometimes have self-denial on the condition and most of them do it in secret and this sometimes makes it difficult for an individual to know that one is suffering from bulimia. Sufferers of bulimia take large quantities of food that have up to 20,000 calories. These types of foods are sometimes called junk food or comfort foods. These include sweet foods like cakes, ice cream and pastry. These types of foods are usually high in calories.
In order to understand this connection with the Hispanic adults, one should start with perception as its primary representation is based on knowledge, attitudes and beliefs that act as advances and hindrances for motivation and change. The hypothetical problem connected to the Hispanic adults is that it is difficult and impossible for them to be infected with T2D when they are not in the United States. They also have a perception that when they are in America, they are prone to T2D more than their American counterparts are. When one states the concept of enablers in this case, he would be referring to the things that hinder or enhance the health behavior.
The relationship of enablers to T2D is the luck of programs that are essential to help in educating the Hispanic clients. The enablers can also be coupled with the fact that the Hispanics have a problem with communicating in English. Additionally, the other notable factor is the in adequacy in accommodation space for the Hispanic community to be in a position of attaining the things they need in order to be comfortable. Finally, nurturers are those essential factors used in reinforcing other mutual factors that are connected to each other. In this juncture, there is overlap by the other factors representing cultural identity. In this case, the natures are the government officials, religious leaders, peers, family members and colleagues at work.
Finally, the thesis about bulimia is that although the exact causes of bulimia have not been found but some experts say that this disorder might be genetic. Just to prove this, it is said that most of the people who have people in their families that have this problem, will have higher chances of suffering from this disorder. A good example of this argument is that most of the people who end up having the disorder, are usually afraid of being fat. The family members might have influenced this forbear.
Another assumption is that the disorder is highly influenced by the cultural practices. According to some experts, it is believed that most of the modern day practices have the highest number of causes of this disorder. Just to verify this, the modern day society is a chief campaigner of healthy eating and at the same time it advocates for thinness to be healthy. This will greatly influence this disorder especially to those people who really want to be accepted in the society.
It is also said that some of the professions that one takes might one of the influences of bulimia disorder. A very good example of the profession that causes the disorder is in the fashion or the modeling industry. The industry usually advocates for body weight checking whereby one might be afraid of becoming fat. This forbear of being fat might lead to bad eating habit that might lead to bulimia.
Now that it has been realized that the people who surfer from bulimia are mostly concerned of their weight and want to be accepted in the society, therefore the best advice that one can give a victim is that she should have high esteem about herself. The other thing is that one should be satisfied with his body size so that they can avoid bulimia nervosa. Therefore, we can say that most of these victims need professional counseling so that they can have high esteem about themselves and also therapy and medication.


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