Example Of Creative Writing On A Song For You

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Topic: Music, Rainfall, Rain, Carriage, Song, Water, Guitar, People

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Published: 2021/03/31

Our story happened in the 18th-century in France. The culture and the economy here reached a really high level. The Rococo style was really popular here. On the ancient streets, many fine carriages passed by. We could see that young woman wearing a gorgeous dress and a gentleman talking to each other. In the town, there were a lot of shops. There were also a lot of theaters. People enjoyed the arts in this vibrant city.
Our main character, Mr. Linus, was a guitarist. He learned the guitar with his grandfather when he was young. His grandfather traveled with him to a lot of countries. They created music together and played their music to the local people. Mr. Linus always enjoyed this life. He liked music. Mr. Linus ultimately stayed in France, this romantic and warm country. Everything here fascinated Mr. Linus. The art here filled Mr. Linus with passion and enthusiasm. The guitar that Mr. Linus used was from his grandfather who left it behind for him. Mr. Linus liked it so much. He has been using it to play his own songs.
But it was a really bad day. There were thick gray clouds in the sky, and the sky instantly began to downpour. Everything seemed to scour the city in order to keep it clean. Because of the blowing wind and raging rain, there were only a few people on the street. The city was suddenly shrouded in a dark gray color. A lonely figure was standing in the rain without an umbrella. He just let the rain hit him like crazy. It was Mr. Linus holding a guitar with delicate patterns, but this guitar seemed to be losing its luster because of the rain. The ground around him was strewn with countless pieces of paper, his sheet music. The fragile paper was messed up from the rain and mud, and the paper notes gradually blurred. Poor Mr. Linus had just lost his job. Behind him came the roar, as if driving a nasty rat. The sound was from a theater behind him. A faint yellow light penetrated through the red giant curtain and shone on the water on the street. The reflective light stabbed Mr. Linus’s eye, hurting him. The rain and thunder filled the city, and a cool atmosphere enveloped the streets. It was just like Mr. Linus’s heart, cold and unfamiliar.
There was a carved carriage, luxurious and complex, just passing by. The emerald green body was studded with gilt and carved stones. The carriage’s fast, strong and powerful wheels seemed to ignore this storm and easily ripped through the water. Even the groom's seat was sharp and fine, the dark red velvet embroidered with gold thread. Entire streets were lit up like this wagon. It splashed the dirty water on Mr. Linus’s face and body. What a bad day!
There was a girl sitting in the carriage named Bella. She was wearing an elegant dress. Her hand was waving a fan. Because rain was beating on the windows of the carriage, the scene outside in the street changed, the same as flooding. Bella curiously looked out the window to see this strange figure standing in the rain. Bella was curious about what he was actually experiencing and why he had to stand in the rain at this moment. When the carriage splashed water onto the man, it broke Bella's thinking. This also allowed her to find an excuse to stop and find her answers.
Bella asked her coachman to stop the carriage. The coachman wanted to give her an umbrella, but Bella refused. She was curious; on this rainy day, why would a man stand there without an umbrella. Bella also saw him holding a guitar. Bella thought he might like music, and Bella was a famous pianist. She was very well known in France, and she had a lot of fans. She felt that people who liked music were not bad. Maybe this young man needed some help.
Miss Bella: “Are you OK, Sir? Sorry about that.” Bella tried hard to speak loudly as she felt her voice being annihilated by rain.

Bella seemed to know something, and this made her remember something. Miss Bella asked: “Do you love Music?”

Miss Bella smiled, “Remember it, and believe yourself. Never give up your music, sir.”
Miss Bella used her handkerchief to wipe away the dirty water on Mr. Linus’s face.

Miss Bella: “Don’t worry, just take it.”

The carriage disappeared in the distance, and a whiten light began to come up from the clouds at the horizon, and sunlight broke through the heavy rain.
One day, Mr. Linus blown into the room, and his papers had been blown everywhere; they were like birds flying in Mr. Linus’s sky room. Mr. Linus’s hands wanted to catch them, and he moved a clumsy hand to catch it. It was a piece of pink silk with gold embroidery—the handkerchief! Mr. Linus remembered the girl and her words. Then, Mr. Linus just finished a song quickly, the ideas coming from the girl he met. “A Song for You,” Mr. Linus gave the title for the song.
One day, Mr. Linus played his song as usual on the street. There was a big audience around him. The surrounding air, the flowers, the people, and even the building seemed to revel in the music. Everyone enjoyed his music and danced.
Miss Bella was passing by when she heard the beautiful song. She stopped.
This beautiful, kind, and elegant girl, walked to where the music was being played. Everyone seemed to feel something between the two, and the crowd automatically left a gap. Miss Bella walked through the crowd to where Mr. Linus was playing. They had met once again.
This was the beginning, and they played music together well into the future.

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