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Analysis of the Issue

This paper is basically concerned with a rather sensitive and delicate issue about the involvement of a highly respected and eminent individual in a rather scandalous ordeal. We’ll be looking to weigh both sides of a possible conclusion to this, on whether to retract the invitation sent to the concerned regarding a relatively important event or not. Research is mostly based upon the various ethical and moral grounds concerning the controversy revolving around this issue. Emphasis of the research heavily involves Teacher-Student Ethics, Organizational values and controversies concerning teachers.

Analysis of organizational values to suggest rescinding the Invitation

As is the case in most high-profile controversies, the onus heavily leans towards simply rescinding the invitation and thus removing the central component of the controversy from the occasion itself. To be very fair, this is an excellent and highly reasonable idea. Removing the person allegedly involved from receiving any further spotlight, especially from your platform is a great way of saving face. While giving Mr. Barnes a vote of confidence and inviting him regardless of the allegations surrounding him is a rather bold and poetic move, it will most probably end up jeopardizing the BYS anniversary event, which is, rather ironically, intended to augment the reputation of the institution. To further the argument in this favor, it is imperative that we take a look at the teacher-student ethics. In the highly respectable profession of teaching , Integrity is regarded as one of the centre pieces of the moral rule set concerned (Ethical Standards, n.d) Apparently , though , it appears as if that integrity has suffered gravely. It is thus highly risky and unhealthy for the reputation of BYS to include a person , who has allowed his very own integrity to be compromised. Furthermore , it is remarked that a teacher should do no such deed which exposes the student to disparagment (Code of Ethics, n.d). Yet , as per the allegations , Mr.Barnes is apparently guilty of breaching such a vital guidline. It would quite anti-climatic to even consider including such an offender to an event which commemorates the success and continued sustenance of BYS. Another facet , being a core organizational value , is respect, which is , to know one’s limitations with regards to the other person. (Core Values, n.d). Yet , if the allegations are to be believed , then all moral limits have thus been disrespected , tarnished and blatantly crossed. There remains no doubt that there’s a strong case for the invitation to be rescinded.

Analysis of organizational values to suggest maintaining the Invitation

While the prior discussion was in favor of the rescission, there is, in all honesty, some room for a counter-argument. There is, from the circumstances presented, some proof that the whole fiasco might not be entirely true at all. Or worse, it might even be a crafty, one sided lie. It is indeed a fact that children and young adults , all of whom fall in the student category , often resort to lies for personal gain. (Importance of Ethical Values in Student Life, 2013) While the background information may not be wholly conclusive , it explicitly states that the student at the centre of this controvery is a very problematic and troublesome personality. The fact that she had been involved in activities openly violating the students’ code of ethics makes Mr.Barnes’ defense even stronger. Infact , there exist certain cases which , although rare , reveal a different side of the picture. For instance , the case involving high-school teacher Kathana Culp , where it was the student who turned out to be the perpetrator , blackmailing the teacher for monetary gain. (Post, 2013). This opens up a rather shocking possibility that it was , infact the student , which was an apple of discord rather than Mr.Barnes himself. It is also entirely possible , that for some personal , academic or financial gain , Mr.Barnes might have been threatened by the student. With his huge reputation at stake , Mr.Barnes would be the a perfect target for blackmail. There was infact , a case interestingly quite similar to this , where a female Irish student tried to blackmail her teacher for a sizeable amount of money. (Higgins, 2013). Though , there is nothing conclusive and the decisive investigation is set to conclude much later than the BYS Anniversary , it is safe to say that , albeit unexpectedly , Mr.Barnes may have a case to keep his invitation after all.


After careful consideration regarding all the facts and possibilities concerning the issue, there will always be a lean towards playing it safe. Issues where highly sensitive and delicate ethics come into play are best handled by neutralizing all the hype and energy surrounding them. Simply put, inviting Mr. Barnes to the Anniversary will only add fuel to the fire. There is absolutely no need for the BYS administration to undertake any unnecessary risks at all. In addition, the fact that Mr. Barnes was never permanently employed by the institute further serves as a cushion for the BYS administration. Regardless of who comes out unscathed, there is no need to attract any negative vibe towards such an auspicious occasion. Mr. Barnes’ invitation should most definitely be rescinded.

There are definitely going to be problems communicating such a painful and difficult message across the target publics of BYS, which includes teachers, staff and most importantly, the students. This is best done is phases with some part of the information being deliberately withdrawn to avoid further ethical violations. The first ones to know should most definitely be the faculty. Being the top tier of the institute staff, they have every right to know any such information before anyone else. In addition, someone from the faculty might have some useful advice with regards on how to further progress with the dissipation of the message, especially towards the students. The staff should be the next to know, though it is highly recommended to keep the sensitive portion of the information confidential to avoid any kind of
gossips which, in turn, might spread misconceptions within the institute’s environment. Finally, the students should be informed. They should know the core of the issue but not the macabre details, which might affect them psychologically. As impressed upon early in the analysis, students, regardless of their academic excellence, have deep rooted feelings and an uncanny trait of observation. They can, and usually do prove infallible to fallacies which prove highly damaging and detrimental for them in the long run. And they do so only after observing and absorbing the negativity that unfortunately exists in every society, regardless of location. Therefore, it is crucial that the administration is extra careful when professing the issue to them.


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