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Niche Marketing

it helps the owner of a business gain more profit for being able to segment the population who needs their product (in4review.com., 2015).


It is ineffective if the company wants the product to be known worldwide since the owners are just catering to a small portion of the market (in4review.com., 2015).

Single Brand Strategy


Enables a company to maintain quality level of all products

It is not very expensive since only one product is being advertised.
It will increase profit of the company as it focuses on one brand of product.
If one product cauused a failure, all the brands will be negatively affected since they are marketed as one (Trehan & Trehan, 2010).

Direct Selling


Increased chances chance of reaching out to the consumers by personally talking to them.

It is applicable only to a well-established company a huge capital is required in order to be able to compensate the work of the direct sellers.


Pros of Penetration Pricing
when a company continues to provide a good quality of product, the customers will still continue to buy their products even if the price is increased.

Cons of Penetration Pricing

Its effectiveness is only for a limited time since the company should ensure profit from selling of the products.
Pros of Premium Pricing
It can be effectively employed by a company that offers a unique product
It can lead to higher revenues, especially when the company is entering a new market (Richard, 2015).
Cons of Premium Pricing
It may also cause a loss on the part of the company since there’s a possibility that customers will not patronize the product due to the high price (Richards, 2015).



It can reach a larger portion of the market, allowing the company to easily obtain customer feedback regarding the product.

Since it is a common way of marketing, if the product being advertised is not unique, then it may not be noticed by the consumers.

Public Relations


It provides consumers with enough information about the product through the use of media.

Since news do not have a big impact on other types of audiences, the marketing initiative may not reach its target audience.


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