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Memories of my childhood in Tabriz, a city in the northwest of Iran, would always remind me of the wonderful times I enjoyed with my family. We all have to make some choices in our lives which impact our future. I had experienced a situation in my life which required me and my family to make a decision which was crucial for our future.
While living in a delightful neighborhood, we never came to a point where we would have considered moving to some other place. However, my dad was lucky to win a lottery which provided us with the opportunity to consider moving to some other place and my family decided to immigrate to USA. It was a very tough decision to make as we feared the difficulties we could face by moving to a new place with a new environment.
My family was well settled in Tabriz where I continued my early education. My parents always gave importance to our educational activities. Guidance from my dad helped me to learn a lot. I also took part in extracurricular activities. During our summer vacations, we used to enjoy the time with our extended family.
One day while we were making plans for the upcoming summer vacations, and my dad told us that one of his friends was coming from US along with his family. My dad used to tell us about how his friend managed to immigrate to US. I looked forward to meeting my dad’s friend as I wanted to know more about US and its culture.
My dad’s friend told us about how he managed to reach US and start a life in a new environment. My dad was quite impressed with the quality of education in the US. Our guests left for America at the end of our summer vacations. At that point, my dad discussed the idea of sending me to US for higher education. Like all mothers, my mother was not quite happy with the idea that she would not be able to see me for a long time. I was not sure whether I would be able to adapt to a new environment. Also, our family lived a decent life in Tabriz and leaving our family abode didn’t seem like an easy decision to make. We also considered the financial implications of our decision.
As the time passed, we all forgot about the prospects of moving to a new place. Although, my education was going well by my father always talked about how he could have sent me to US for higher studies. I enjoyed the time with my friends and was afraid that moving to a new place would force me to lose my old friends.
I still remember the day when I was watering plants outside our house the postman delivered a letter. I read my father’s name at the top and went inside to give the letter to my father. I had only entered the room when my father rose up from the chair he was sitting in and grabbed the letter. I was quite surprised by the urgency shown by my dad. He opened the letter while I saw his eyes gleaming with joy. He asked all family members to assemble in the dining room. My dad told us that he participated in a lottery and the letter intimated that he had won it. The whole family celebrated joyously and enjoyed the occasion.My mother even cooked a special dinner for us.
A few days later, my father surprised us with his new plans. He had decided that our family would move to US. It was hard for me as I had to leave my friends for a place which was completely alien to me. On the other hand, I was also excited about the opportunity as I fancied the idea of experiencing a new culture. After considering the pros and cons of moving to US, my family was of the view that I would greatly benefit from the quality education of the US. I was sixteen years old and had started making plans for my future education. I thought that pursuing quality education in US would bring about positive changes in my personality.
My family immigrated to US in 2011. I was dependent on my friends and family for guidance and was afraid that the decision of moving to US could adversely impact my personality. At first, I was not able to accept the fact that I could manage well without my friends. As my family was moving with me, I thought that I could fill the void with the support of my family.
After spending more than three years in this country, I have realized that the decision of moving toUSA has been a worthy one, especially since our family managed to acclimatize itself to the new environment very quickly. I have been able to avail the opportunity of pursuing quality education in US. I have met new people from different cultures, resultantly broadening my horizons. Moreover, I have had the chance to comprehend diverse perspectives which have further enhanced my thinking capabilities. Finally, my communication skills have also improved. On the whole, the decision of moving to US has proven to be not only a fruitful choice but also a very significant turning point in my life.

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