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Human Rights Campaign is an organization that intends to fight for the rights of human beings. It has a large number of followers worldwide due to the efforts that it puts in its campaigns. The organization has been doing its functions normally, but there is a lot of rot inside the organization. People do not follow the set rules. These are the rules that state how the organization should be run. The code of ethics is also not adhered to. It states that respect, confidentiality, and competence are among the key guidelines to be followed. It was however discovered that some people in the organization are not respectful and leak information that is private. This is bad because people no longer have confidence in the group, and there are a lot of chaos is when it comes to managerial positions. The management is not competent enough because it does rarely performs the set duties. There are no disciplinary actions taken against people who break the rules and ethics and there is no an outlined managerial chart that is to be followed. Leaders are just elected into their positions, and others are appointed to take the positions. These decisions at times are not done randomly and cause chaos when potential candidates to these positions lose. Due to this, there needs to be a change so that people can work in peace and together. I will outline the necessary changes that are needed and how I am going to enforce them as the leader of Human Rights Campaign (Tocquigny & Butcher, 2012).

Vision Statement

As explained earlier, the group benefits the human population through advocating for their rights to be observed in the courts, by the government and fellow citizens. The group defends the people when something has been done to their freedoms and rights. An example is in freedom of speech. People are upheld when they expose the truth about organizations or the government. This is one of the areas that has been abused on many occasions. The general public is afraid to express their feelings because they are afraid of the government and senior people. If they say anything against them, they end up being punished because they have revealed some information that the public was not expected to hear. The public also suffers from the lack of information. It is also their right to know all the happenings surrounding them. If people are stopped from talking, then, there will be no information circulation. The group's aim is to intervene and seek justice for the people who are affected. These are the people who are not able to fight for justice on their own. They also have been deprived of this opportunity. For those who are not aware of this initiative, we will teach them about their rights and freedoms through social media and rallies. This is a good way of reaching all the people because if they are not in social media they will attend the rallies. For the people who cannot attend the rallies, they will learn about our plan through social media. Lastly, we teach them how to ensure that they use their rights for a rightful course and not to abuse them. There are people who can take advantage of their rights. They should be taught on their boundaries and try not to surpass them. If they go beyond their boundaries, the Human Rights Campaign team will not come to their rescue. In overall, we support the Constitution and explain to the people in detail the meaning of the constitution.
The positive change that I introduced in the group was supposed to improve behavior in the organization. The representation done outside was ok but there were a lot of rots that were evident in the inside. I discovered that this was the major problem and a quick decision needed to be done on behalf of the organization and the general public. There was a need for a person to step in and ensure that this rot was cleaned before it could spread outside and affect what we were working hard to improve. A group that represents the people ought to be organized and united so that it can represent what it believes in from the inside. It will be disappointing if the behavior can be noted on the outside and people see the kind of behavior that is in the people who claim to be representing and protecting them.
The change in the organization was welcomed by all people as they also understood the need for such change. All problems were stated, and they were in agreement that they needed to change. For those who were not comfortable with the changes, they were free to leave. As the leader, I influenced the change as I had promised the people to enforce the change therefore agreeing. This was not easy bit we took it step by step cleaning all the mess. Together with some experts, we made this possible. It is not easy as a leader to make all decisions by yourself. A leader needs a team that will help him, or her come up with decisions and implements them. Once they had been discussed and passed by a set committee, I signed them, and we were now able to effectively use them. This was a good sign that the organization was going to work as expected towards the vision of the company. We needed to be united and work together so that we could achieve this, and it was possible for enhancing such change (Jones & Brazzel, 2014).

My Core Value

Core values are Honesty, Integrity and Openness; Courage and humility; trust; and passion and enthusiasm (Tocquigny & Butcher, 2012). The change that I am bringing about is based on this core values. They are the only way that the people in the organization can come together and ensure that we work together in peace. The core values are the variables that are needed so that this dream can come true. As explained in the change that I intend for the organization, it can be clearly seen that they all support the notion that we should be open, trustworthy and all the other core values that are needed. The idea of bringing in these core values is simply because they did not exist before, and they should be included in the system so that the organization can head in the right direction. The core values stand in accordance with the change that I proposed to the organization.


The most difficult stage of the issue was the implementation. I had to play a major role in the implementation process and ensure that everybody was comfortable with the new changes that were being made to the organization. I knew that there was a chance that they were going to fail I they were not implemented in a way that would suggest that they were right for the organization. The major task in this was to assure the employees that these were the right changes for the organization. Although the majority of them were in support of the change as I had used some of the suggestions made by them, I knew I still had to convince them that they were right. The process of implementation was going to take time so that it could ensure that it had been correctly implemented (Jones, & Brazzel, 2014).
Setting up a committee was the first step of implementation of the plan. This would go through the proposed changes to make corrections and add more changes where they deemed necessarily. I selected the committee randomly from Human resources to Accounting. All the departments in the organization were well represented so that they could ensure that they were represented in the change. The members were also given the changes and expected to make their suggestions to their head of department. The changes could, however, be disqualified completely if I agreed to that. Some issues like the selection in the job process were not optional. The committee had to make the requirements that were needed. I reviewed the requirements and returned the changes back on the ones I felt like they were too low or too high. The committee could give their reasons as to why they thought that the requirements had to be changed.
I modeled the way for others by providing some personal details like the salary and the qualifications that I hold. This was to promote openness and trustworthy among the members. I also advised and gave them examples how they could be affected negatively if the rots in the organization continue. They would lose their loved ones and will not be able to provide for the families something that they were working hard to achieve.
I gave everyone a chance to read the rules and also interpreted them and gave told them their importance. For those who did not understand, I gave them the explanation as to why they had to put in hard work in making sure that they followed the set rules. This was one of the ways that they could benefit in the future. They would also help other people in their community. This way I received a lot of support and people were willing to change, and follow the set rules. I challenged the project by trying some of the changes in the new departments that were being formed. Qualifications for the job and other important features were followed. Everyone was happy with how things had worked and how open the selection was. Through this initiative, changes had begun taking effect that was what all people wanted and the reason they were important to the organization in the first place. I encouraged the heart by convincing myself that I was doing the right thing as a leader and that there was nothing that I had to worry about. Through this, I had faith that the outcomes will be positive.

Leadership Lessons

If I were to do the change again, I would repeat the whole process the same way I did in the beginning. It was effective and flowed smoothly. I learned was that I needed to involve everyone in the change as they were the target group (Burke, 2012). They need to agree on the change and have support for the change for it to be successful. People are the main determinants of whether the change will take place or not. If they agree among themselves that they do now want the change even as a leader, there will be minimal to be done to change them. They need to agree with the change from the very start so that they can accept it when implemented. I learned was that it was important to follow one's core values so that they can make the changes easily. This is because it will be like representing themselves which will help them in convincing others and also making the required efforts.


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