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Part 1

The name of the film is 30 DAYS: MINIMUM WAGE. The film is television series that is shown in the United States and is hosted by Spurlock Morgan. The central theme is lifestyle where the characters spend some 30 days engaging themselves in a lifestyle that is illustrated as different as reality.
Morgan together with her fiancée decides to visit Columbus that was just within the neighborhood although it was considered poor for 30 days. The two has to survive in this new place by earning an approximate $206 a week in an attempt to make their end meet. Since Morgan was a vegetarian she was expecting to have a problem with the type of food to eat. So as not to use what they had in the bank account they also decided to freeze those accounts and the credit cards they had. They have to experience the problems many households who earn the minimum wage go through. From the onset, the next 30 Days will be painfully difficult to live this meager wage for a period of one month. It must be pure struggle in the poverty stricken area. Morgan couldn’t understand all this struggle had have faced for only a month yet she would see people that are surrounding them struggling very hard for the whole of their lives. She thinks of how unfortunate these people are trying to raise the peanut minimum wage does not even guarantee that these meager wage earners will any sooner earn more or even be able to keep their jobs.
The film shows how the people living in Columbus survive under intense poverty. A report one of the policy programs says that the number of census tracts that measure the level of extreme poverty in Columbus had shown an increased trend.
Alex, Morgan fiancée in their third day walks to the apartment where they are living and when Morgan join him she starts to complain that nobody had given her some tips at her job and that she only made $3 tips for that day. It is an apparent show of what poverty had denied the workers.
They wake up on day four of their one month stay only to find that their room in infected with ants that are everywhere in their toothbrushes and the floor. It is then that Morgan realized that there exist a government programs that help the poor people to get the basic needs such as food; it is the same day that Morgan also discovered that there is a store that is run by the church that is located across the murram road where the poor are given free items .On approaching the church supervisor, he informs her that they are supported by donations. Alex cannot imagine what such organization like the church that provides such an essential but treasured service to the poor.
The impact of such extreme levels of poverty is just dire. On day 9 in the e film, Morgan got a new landscaping job that would offer her more money, and she couldn't hesitate to accept it .But the new job would require more physical strength than the previous job required. Alex then realized that he had hurt his wrist while working and he thought of going to see a doctor, but he couldn't have gone the following day because he didn't have the money nor did he have an insurance cover. He started worrying if the injury becomes worse not be able to work at all. He just remembered that they need more than $900 for that month and decided not to waste any money with the doctor. This underlines the impact of poverty on the workforce. The region will continue to live with poverty as far as the workforce cannot afford the essential medical services

Part 2

Poverty has a cyclical effect because it not only the poor who are affected. It's known to affect Everything including property values such as the apartments that the Morgan and fiancée were living in since it would have fetched more than what it used to if its located in a region with low poverty index. Poverty also affects the quality of public schools and the ability of the residents to make their life’s better for themselves.
A study (Harvard University: University of California, 2012) shows that a Columbus resident who is born and brought up in the bottom 20 percent of the economic class has only3.6 percent chances of rising to the top 20 percent.
Concentrated poverty in these areas has remained to be the cause of the increased crime rates and the health problems that are experienced in the region. This health concern was seen in the film where there are no medical covers for the employees as Alex would have used it to see a doctor for the wrist injury he had. Most properties owners always find it extremely difficult to build decent houses because of the economic conditions of the clients. Marcus is a homeless man in the film who is trying everything possible takes care of his family. Morgan believes that these societies are made up to break up families that consist of single parent mothers who are even worse compared to the homeless fathers.
A study on inequality Krivo and Kaufman (24) revealed the substantial and the significant gaps in housing since most of the people from Columbus and Ohio are blacks and Hispanics. Compared to the whites, these people were disadvantaged and discriminated from a wide range of basis namely the vocational, immigrant, life-cycle, family, socioeconomic, and mortgage characteristics.
As the 30 days of minimum wage came to an end they couldn't hold count the money they have. But Morgan noted that that their outstanding might take more than they had. This underlines the extreme difficulty of working for the Minimum Wage.

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