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Movie Review

Taste of Cherry by Abbas Kiarostami is the film that strikes me much with its absence of conclusion. The hero of the film, Baddi, wants to commit a suicide, for this reason he is driving his car around to find someone to aid him after he dies. He chooses three people for this mission and offers enough big money for that time. The first is a young soldier – Kurt, the second is a middle aged Islamic student – Afghan and the third is an old taxidermist – Turk, who agreed to bury him after his death in the hole prepared by Baddi himself beforehand in the hill under the tree. However the main point is not suicide but about political regime and people’s attitude to suicide, I think.
1. I think the soldier stands for the government and youth; the theology – Islam and adolescence; the taxidermist – nature and oldness. Islam totally refuses suicide and killing others without valuable reason: “And do not kill yourselves. Surely, God is Most Merciful to you.” (Quran 4:29). The soldier is shocked and runs away, even without asking the reason of his action. I think he is a chicken-hearted because he never tries to stop him. The Afghan seminarist wants to stop him explaining how a great sin it is but Baddi refuses his lecture. Both the soldier and the seminarist refuse his money even they are in need. The last man – taxidermist who wanted to commit a suicide himself many years ago agrees to aid him because he has a sick son. However he is the only one who attempts to awaken Baddi’s interest in living, nature and taste of cherry telling all difficulties are temporary. He has managed to encourage him to live, as I understand. Badii still want to pursue his plan because he wants to find piece and get rid of physical life even his action is negative. Baddi doesn’t tell about his life, but his existence and unhappiness hurt his close people as he tells to the seminarist. As every Muslim he does carry about his body after death as it should be buried so he wants someone to bury him.
2. Taste of Cherry represents the post-revolutionary period in Iran when many people especially educated ones became alienated from others. We understand that he is clever, well-educated, rich enough man who is aware of Islamic rules but he believes that Allah will understand him as being unhappy and hurting others are a greater sin than suicide, in his opinion. 3. Taste of Cherry doesn’t have the ending point; Kiarostami left the conclusion for the viewer. He wants to show that a human being has a chose every time, in difficulties we can open the door to another side but we choose to stay. The end of the film make us understand that times will change and spring come, trees will be in blossom again, soldiers will carry flowers not guns.

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