Example Of Report On Building International Business Networks

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Essence, Australia is one of the most famous design house for wedding gowns. It is known for its attention to details that sets it apart from other designers. It is known for its use of luxurious fabric and exquisite beading. The design house offers different wedding dresses ranging from Angel Satin to Satin Chiffon. Our company, Allure wedding house, is looking to expand and carry different international designs. Essence would be a great place to start. It will not only provide the company with an experience of international markets, but we can also work with them to distribute some of our unique products in Australia (Essence of Australia).

Networking Events

Cross-Cultural Communication Styles
Unlike other countries, Australians are not very formal, and their greetings are usually casual and relaxed. Australian may use ‘Good day’ and ‘Good day mate’ and they mostly prefer to use first names even in initial meetings. Australians mostly dwell on facts even when it comes to business. One does not need to have a long relationship with a person before doing business with them. They are also very direct in how they speak and at times use colorful language that is not common in other countries. Business appointments are very necessary and easy to schedule. Punctuality is also important. A person would rather be a few minutes early to a meeting than keep someone waiting. Meetings are usually relaxed but are taken as serious events. When presenting a business to an Australian, it is not necessary to exaggerate. Australians prefer having facts and figures rather than emotions and feelings (Kwintessential).
Australians get down to business quickly unlike most people, and they do not hold a lot of small talks. They are very direct, and they expect the same too. They appreciate brief presentations and are not impressed by a lot of details. Negotiations are meant to proceed quickly, and there is no much room for bargain. When presenting a proposal, one should only leave a small margin for possible negotiations. People at the top management in a company are more involved in decision-making (Kwintessential). Most decisions require consulting with subordinates, and this sometimes slows down the process.
In Melbourne and Sydney, business dressing is mostly conservative. Men are expected to wear dark colored and conservative business suits. Women are expected to wear dresses or business suits as well. In Brisbane and other tropical regions in the country, people wear depending on the job function and the company’s culture. Business cards get swapped at the preliminary meeting without any need for a formal ritual.

The Networking Event

Last week I attended a Wedding Trade Fair in Brisbane held at the Hillstone Hotel. The event allowed me to intermingle with diverse people with different specialties in the field. After scores of research on the communication styles and culture of the Australian people I was confident to interact with different people. During the event, I exchanged business cards with at least twenty people. Some of the contacts made include a business representative from Essence, an editor in Vogue Australia, a fashion blogger and photographer starting their own business.
The event was a trade fair, and the attendants were people of different specialties in the field. I interacted with different people ranging from entrepreneurs to top executive members of different companies. The event was advertised online and to attend one had to register a form confirming their attendance. During the event, I was able to exchange at least twenty business cards. One of the most important networks developed were with executive officials in design house such as Essence and wedding magazines such as Vogue.
I got numerous emails after the event from the contacts, but the most successful one was from a contact made in the Essence design house.

Dear Madam,

Greetings from Brisbane!
It was wonderful meeting you at the trade fair last weekend. As promised, I consulted with my colleagues in the company. They were all impressed with your proposal to carry our dresses in your country. They also like the idea of selling some of your local products in our country. Soon you will get an official invitation from the Marketing department arranging for a follow-up meeting. We can wait to do business with you.

We look forward to working with you.

Business Representative Essence
The event did not require one to pay any charges when booking or attending it. There were costs incurred in transportation but only a few dollars for the cab fare. I also had to print out new business cards that I would hand out during the event. The building of networks by attending the event was very successful. I met different people in the industry. I was also able to observe different aspects on the wedding in Australia from the home country. Before the event, I had done a lot of research on the communication style of the Australian people and their cultural expectations. I learned how direct the people were and how they expected that from other people. During the event, I used the tips learned to interact with the people. Communicating and interacting with the event was successful. I had challenges in being brief and going straight to the point especially with the first few people. Eventually, I became more comfortable, and I would rate the effectiveness of my communication style as very effective. In relation to the amount used in participating, the experience was very valuable. In another meeting, the only thing I would change is how direct I was with the people. I learned that although the Australian people did not like a lot of small talks, they always liked to take the lead in a conversation. One cannot learn about people’s culture by researching, most things I learned by interacting with different people and having the experience.

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