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Bipolar disorder is known by another name as manic-depressive illness. It is a mental disease that is characterized by unusual episodes of modes, activity level, energy and the ability to carry out daily activities. This disease is worldwide, affecting millions of people and mostly symptoms begin at late teenage and early adulthood that the age of around 25 years (Peacock, 2000). It is majorly characterized by episodes of hypomania, mania or a mixed mood which normally alternate with incidents of main depression. The first symptoms of this disease are different depending I on sex. In males the first mode incident is often manic while in women, the major depression episode comes prior the first hypomanic or manic.
Symptoms of this disorder include mania and the manic episodes last about 7 days. Mostly during this time the patient gets unusually expansive moods and upbeat or euphoric. The expansive mood usually affects the individual making him/her to have a very high friendliness and enthusiasm. Occasionally it has also been observed affected persons shifting time to time from euphoria to irritability. Other symptoms associated with mania include decreased sleep, Restlessness, occasional overblown self-esteem. They are also cases of talkativeness, racing mind and a very high degree in focus loss (Goodwin and Sachs 2010). Hypomania is the other major symptom associated with this disorder. It is the milder form of mania and it can last at least for four days.it is associated with all the other symptoms just like those of mania just that is not serious enough to call for hospitalization of the individual affected. Hypomania does not cause a significant problem and it does not present the psychotic symptom in it (Maj, 2002).
Major depression is the major mild manifestation of this disease with is episodes lasting for more than two weeks. During this incident the individual loses pleasure to almost everything, including sex, sleep or anything they valued. Majorly four symptoms are significantly associated with major depression and they include insomnia/excessive sleep, indecisiveness, low energy, noticeable slow down and frequent plans of suicide.According to Goodwin and Sachs (2010) even in today 21 century there is known cause of the disease as it never manifest itself in the blood, it is therefore diagnosed as a mental disorder. Most physicians associate it with hereditary factor. It is also associated with multiple genes other than specific genes and hormonal imbalances, environmental factors as well as abnormalities in brain development (Fink and Kraynak, 2013).
Treatment of bipolar is not yet discovered and therefore a lifelong disease for almost every individual involved. Treatment involved is a mixture of medical prescription and psychiatric hospitalization to help stabilize the mood symptoms and prevent harm against them self or others. Medication involves lithium since it known for is good in mood stabilizer and the others include antipsychotic medication as well as antidepressants (Maj, 2002).
However, according to (Goodwin, and Sachs 2010) quantum physics has come up with another unique way for treating bipolar disorder. The new method of energetic medicine is a combination of biophysics and quantum physics. The treatment involves feedback program and the other is correct bipolar chemical imbalances. It is usually recommended as it does not require any internal substances. In most cases, drugs are associated with residual side effects (Federman et al., 2010).
The quantum energy approach has no chemical invasive to cause a reaction, thus the bio resonance procedure for the bipolar disorder help to calm emotionally and physically systems and give it natural balance. This helps the individual to reduce stress, balance the transmitters and in addition, build up and strengthen the immune system, thus making the patient feel more balanced, stronger and more confident few high and low spots.


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