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Home Humidifiers are devices that help in keeping the atmosphere at home humid or moist. The household humidifier raises the humidity in a safe, water vapor help in making the home comfortable and healthy. The process of Humidification adds moisture to the air and hence making indoor comfortable. The humidifier appliances force moisture into the household air in the form of mist that is not visible. Different types of home humidifier have different ways of humidifying the air in peoples’ home. For an example, an evaporative home humidifier uses an internal fan to pull air into the unit and passes it through saturated water wick filter to absorb moisture in it.
There are different types of home or household humidifier. It is of important to select the type of humidifier that is the right for your home, energy saving and is within your budget. These are some of the popular home types of humidifiers. First, warm mist humidifier; it uses a heating system to discharge a warm, clean mist into the air. The room gets warm slightly, and medication can be added to the air through this humidifier. Second, steam vaporizers; it uses electrodes to convert water to steam, and the vapors leave the unit and gives humidity to the home. Third, cool mist humidifiers; it works in two ways, evaporative humidifiers uses the fan to transfer air through a wick or a filter saturated with water. Another type is impeller humidifier that uses rapidly rotating the disc to propel water through a screen, and creating water vapor. In addition, console humidifiers work the same way like evaporative humidifiers to humidify the entire house (Pray 278).
This is how the humidifiers work, all the household finance fixed humidifiers work on the principle of the introduction of moisture from water and evaporating it finally into a warm air stream approaching from the furnace. Home humidifier contains various components such as water, blowing air, water collection medium like evaporator pad, humidistat that controls humidity setting and water control valve. The home humidifiers contain water tap from the existing source of the water supply pipeline. Water inlet orifice regulates the amount of water entering the humidifier and a water valve to allow automatically water to flow into humidifier basing on demand. The water valve is controlled by an electric solenoid that is controlled by humidistat working together regulating water entrance. The solenoid usually uses a low voltage that gets power from transformer mounted on the furnace.
The humidistat controlling the electrical solenoid is critical when it says to raise humidity; the electrical solenoid allows water supply to the humidifier through the water feed tube. And when the humidistat says the humidity level is right or when the furnace shuts down, the electrical solenoid turns off. The shutting off of the electrical solenoid stops water flow to the humidifier. The humidistat works like a thermostat, and the thermostat is set at a particular temperature and when the temperature reaches, the furnace turns off. It works same with the humidistat. The humidistat is set for desired humidity level, normally 30% to 45%. When the humidifier reaches that level of humidification, the supply of water in the humidifier is turned off by the assembly of solenoid water valve (Formisano homerepair.about.com).
The water feed tube distributes water passing through the cover at the top and finally supplying water to evaporator pad. The evaporator pad acts as a media and collects water and holds it shortly as it evaporates to create humidified air. The main purpose of the evaporator pad is to scatter water evenly that facilitates evaporation to take place. The evaporator pad also collects mineral deposits coming from the water. After a period of use, the metal evaporator pad will be coated with a white powder of minerals that are found in water. The pads should be cleaned, but it is good to replace them every season of heating. Water that was not evaporated from the evaporator pad runs off into the drain pan and thus flows to the household drain (Brain, and nice 2).
The drain pan, water from evaporator pad flow to the water pan and then flows into a household drain. For ultrasonic or impeller or drum types home humidifier, water stands for a period. That was to avoid development or allowance of bacteria to develop in the water in the humidifier. Air damper or air duct supplies air to the humidifiers fixed to the cold air return. A damper is required on condition that the home have central air conditioning (Brain, and nice 2).
Why should a household humidifier work? There are various benefits of humidifying homes. First, control of humidity helps in saving the money on energy bills. Second, humidifying the household prevents the problems associated with dry air. Dry air damages family’s health and homes by increasing the likelihood of getting the flu, colds, and other respiratory sicknesses. This is because the virus that causes flu and cold thrive in humidity that is low. Also, dry air can make persons more vulnerable to infections. Additionally drier air can intensify asthma symptoms and allergy. Low humidity leads to home damage; it causes woodwork, walling of the building and beautiful hardwood floors to crack. Also, electronics can be damaged by static electric charges that may lead to replacements or expensive repair. In addition, the low humidity makes people uncomfortable and may cause bloody noses, sore throats, dry mouth and itching of eyes (Brain, and nice 2).
There are physics of humidifying the household or home. Humidity is the percentage of water vapor in the surrounding air. There are two types of humidity, absolute humidity, and the relative humidity. The absolute humidity is the maximum possible measurement of the content of water vapor in the air. Absolute humidity units are given in grams per cubic meter. Absolute humidity value depends on the temperature of the air, and that is why warm air can absorb more moisture than cold air. Thus in summer there is a higher maximum air moisture level compared to winter that have less air moisture content. The relative humidity (RH) is the ratio of water vapor content to the maximum possible water vapor content. It is measured as a percentage. The relative humidity can be 100% when the air is saturated. The relative humidity of the air can affect how comfortable people feel (Pray 278).
Humidity denotes the quantity of moisture in the air. Low humidity occurs in such a scenario as an individual is standing in the bathroom with a hot shower and steam hanging in the air can be seen. High humidity occurs for example outside after heavy rain, etc. Peoples’ bodies rely on the evaporation of moisture from our skin for cooling. The low the relative humidity in the air the easier it is for moisture to evaporate from people's skin and the cooler they feel. For people to be comfortable, they need a certain level of humidity. During winter, the indoor humidity is always extremely low and lack of presence of moisture leads to drying out of the mucous membrane and skin of a person. Low humidity also leads to cold air feel (Formisano homerepair.about.com).
In conclusion, the home humidifier is critical in people healthy and the environment. Moist air makes the home comfortable and healthy. More so, all the problems that came along with drier air are prevented such as cold, flu and many others. In addition, home humidification helps in saving energy and thus it vital home humidifier in our home. All the information concerning the type of the home humidifier remains the choice of the person that wants to use it. The choice of the humidifier to be used depends on the one that is right to their home, energy saving and within their budget. The information about how the humidifier works is explicitly covered and well described within the document.

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