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The Obamacare attempts to offer reforms to the healthcare system through provision of affordable quality health insurance and curbing expenditure growth in the health sector. The reforms offered by the law include funding, rights and protection, insurance laws on companies, tax breaks and taxes among the employees found in many economic sectors of the country. The law has difficulties to the common citizen on the understanding of its operations. The law itself provides an explanation of the health details from its first to the last page. It starts with a title of Quality Affordable Health Care for All Americans. Through the title, one may understand that the law cares about their personal health issues without discrimination. It makes people have confidence and hope in the government of Obama (Hogg et al., 2005). People also gain enough knowledge on how to take care of their health status. The health policies improve the standards of health offered by the health institutions across the country.


Since the inception of President Barack Obama as the first black President of the most powerful nation in the world, a lot in the health sector has occurred. Nevertheless, the health sector still experiences many challenges that ravage its success in different ways. America spends enormous sums of dollars on healthcare compared to other countries in the world. Since Obama came into power, the country spends more than $7,000 per individual annually. The country experiences the highest growth rate in health expenditures since the 1990s. However, the factor has not changed the level of life expectancy. The level of life expectancy remains below other countries that spend less on health care. Most funding for the health care occurs for individuals with chronic conditions.
Chronic conditions have had significant challenges in the country during Obama’s time. The chronic conditions act as the leading causes of death and disability among the American people leaving the nation without skills to develop its economy. The phenomenon makes the country to import skills from other parts of the world, and mostly from Africa. The death of the American would have gone on through prevention if the health care had the great impact on their lives. Approximately five deaths in every 10 in the country results from chronic diseases with one 0ut of 2 adults suffer from the condition. Chronic illness leads to the development of mental disorders like depression and vice versa (Williams et al., 1989). The chronic conditions occur widely among racial groups. African Americans suffer from heart conditions than the whites while American Indians die of diabetes compared to both the whites and African American.
The nature of the state has not left the public without any attention on how to fight it. The people believe that the government should have more concentration on preventive care on the disease through public funding preventive programs.Factors causing chronic illness
Some of the major chronic illnesses include arthritis, obesity, diabetes, cancer, stroke and heart disease. The conditions have had caused significant depopulation in the country for the past eight years and above. The factors facilitate the chronic conditions include the following;Lack of physical activity In most cases, physical activity enables an individual live longer since it controls weight and reduces risks that facilitate the development of cardiovascular illness, diabetes, some cancers and metabolic syndrome. The activity also improves mental and mood status. More than a third of the population fail to meet the recommendations that support aerobic physical activities found in the America guide for physical activities. In the country, 23% of the individual lack leisure time involving themselves in physical activities. According to the survey made on 2008, more than 25% of the adolescent failed to take part in physical activities in any day (Davis et al., 1999).Poor nutrition Balanced nutrition helps to lower the risks of chronic illness like heart disease, stroke, and cancer. The best diet for chronic illness includes consumption of fruits and vegetables. Balancing the amount of calories individuals take reduces body fats. According to the same survey in 2008, only 24% of the adults ate 5 or more fruits each day. Less than 22% f high school students ate fruits on a daily basis while more than 60% of the adolescents and children have eating habits that go against the dietary recommendations of the country.Tobacco use Surgeons in the country have come up with a report concerning the smoking and health issues. They have determined that tobacco acts the largest cause of chronic diseases, disabilities, and death in the country. They have the factor may be stopped. It only depends on a person. The programs on tobacco prevention have shown great success through sustenance and accountability. Smoking in the country occurs in more than 43 million adults that result in approximately 443,000 people (Kim et al., 1999). High school students have also had the habits of smoking. Most people have tried to quit the ordeal, but they have had challenges doing so.Excessive alcohol consumption Excessive alcohol consumption leads to death and other health related issues like the chronic illness. Other problems inculcated by the consumption leads to social problems, acute myocardial infarction, and unintended pregnancy. The country drug control department has come up with guidelines to enable people drink with moderation whereby women should take one bottle per day and men two per day. The guidelines also offer instructions for some individuals not to take any drink at all due to their health status.
It prohibits the youths and children from alcohol consumption. More than 30% of the adults’ alcohol drinkers suffer from binge drinking who drink more than eight drinks per binge. Approximately 40% of the high school students have binge characteristics each 30 days. The adults and the children who consume excessive alcohol have failed to come up with possible ways through which to improve their health status.The victims of the chronic illness and their reasons
The individuals suffering from the chronic conditions include adults in their prime age, older individuals, and the youths. Chronic illness may affect any individuals in the country. According to research, the youths, and young adults suffer from chronic conditions due to ignorance and uncontrolled lavish life. The citizens have failed to obey and heed the instructions given to them by medical practitioners. The individuals think that the conditions affect a few people only. Chronic illness may depict in individuals in different ways. As stated above, the diseases vary according to the genetic composition of people and environmental conditions. The African Americans suffer different chronic illnesses compared to other racial groups. The chronic conditions have the different impact depending on the health status of different groups. Individuals that access good health care may have the necessary capacity to fight the illness. People that suffer from the health conditions may lack enough platforms to carry out physical exercises. The victims of chronic illness live their lives without caring about what they consume on a daily basis (Smith 2010). They eat unhealthy foods without knowledge of their effect on their bodies. The people in most cases have hazardous lifestyles that include drinking and smoking that leads to the negative impact on their health status.
The American Nutrition Association and the government have come up with guidelines through which people offer for them to eradicate the risks of chronic illness. Most of the citizens have failed to follow the instructions found in the guidelines. Therefore, they suffer from the conditions due to their faults. Chronic illness does not appear from the blues, individuals should understand that they need to have knowledge about its cause and effect.Approaches to solving the issue When America finds itself at crossroads in the fight against chronic illness, CDC makes efforts to become the leader in the journey to eradicate the disease. The National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion works with a vision for a nation with healthy lives that have freedom of the devastation effect of the chronic illness. The country has managed to harness the collective capacity and efforts of its communities and health care experts through its governmental agencies and institutions to ensure that the chronic illness does not affect anyone in the country (Susan 2009). The country has provided the education sector with enough academic approaches towards training individuals on the harm of the diseases.
The alcoholic individuals and the tobacco abusers undergo through trainings on how to reduce their habits on the abuse of the drugs. They also attend workshops, seminars and conferences in order to gain knowledge on the causes and preventive measures for chronic illness. The victims of the chronic illness act as ambassadors of health and they go through community programs to help other victims fight their status. The government also has developed a health fund for the American people to cater for their health issues. It has developed an insurance policy that ensures that people fail to suffer from chronic illness throughout the country.Factors to collaboration on the health issue
The national, state and various departments in both local and federal governments have designed and implemented a number of efficient programs and policies that lead to the control and prevention of chronic illness at little cost. Trust for America’s Health, a leading NGO in fighting chronic illness has pumped more than $10 per person each year in a community-based program that fights physical inactivity, smoking, and poor nutrition. Through the program, they assist the government to support more than $16 billion on an annual basis. The program concentrates its efforts to elevating the standards of health on the citizens in the American continent.
Through the investment, the government saves approximately $6 of each dollar spent without much consideration on the extra gains in employees’ productivity, reduced absenteeism from both work and school by the employees and students respectively. The American health care has also had a central concentration on the discovery of treatments and cure for illness and not on preventing them. In other words, the health care system lacks the design to prevent chronic illness. Physicians through the efforts of the government ensure that they obtain all the physical and mental conditions of their clients in order to note how they may assist them live healthy lives.
The government and other NGOs have ensured that most of the citizens have access to insurance within their communities (Abbey-Lambertz, 2014). The Drug Control Department has also worked to reduce the amount of alcohol and tobacco individuals take on a daily basis. The occurrence has had success through community policing and capacity building approaches. Many corporates like cigarette and Beverages Company have ensured to put an advert on the abuse or excessive use of the products.Opinion and Recommendation Chronic illness also affects other nations compared to its occurrence in the United States of America. Chronic illness may affect both adults and children. Over the years, I feel that the government has failed to provide education concerning chronic illness. People suffer since they fail to undergo enough training on healthy living. Their life revolves around alcohol and unhealthy foodstuff. The country also spends a huge amount of money thinking that they save people from the problem yet they encourage them to continue with their habits. Anyone who thinks the government would cater for their health needs would spend most of the time on unhealthy living. Obama’s administration has done many things to enable the health sector in America to improve (US Department of Health and Human Services 2000). The government has developed many positive policies that have elevated the health sector to a new dimension.
The policies cover many factors like drug abuse, insurance and old age health care. As an individual, that shows a good job and care for the citizens. Other governments have failed to offer the same incentives to their citizens. According to my opinion, chronic illness should not affect people when they know the right way to deal with it. People may stop chronic illness through many approaches that enable their bodies to carry out healthy body metabolism. Chronic illness depopulates America on a daily basis.
Governments and stakeholders have forgotten the illness due H/IV/AIDS pandemic. The pandemic has attracted huge funding from governments and donors at the expense of chronic illness. All nations should come together and develop an international and standardized approach through which they would use to fight chronic illness. It would create a positive impact since the governments would save the lives of many individuals through simple approaches that require the spread of knowledge.
Knowledge acts as a tool that creates power when it comes to fighting negative factors that have hindrance to prolonged life. The patient and affordable care act comes from the reform made on 2010 and has a new name in its place known as the Obamacare. The Act consists of a number of smaller acts that make its operations effective in the country. Some of the smaller acts include health care for America Act, the patient protection act and student aid and fiscal responsibility act (Baker et., al 1999). The healthcare provides education and urges responsible acts among individuals in the country in order to improve the health standards. The law takes into consideration the use of food, drugs, cosmetics and public service operation. The law has influenced major additions of rules into the Constitution through amendments that have the possibility of updates.


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