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It is important to perform any sort of given task with efficient time management skills. Poor time management can create a number of problems in case of social as well as professional life. Therefore essence of the time management should be understood in order to achieve further success in every aspect of life. Basically a solution of poor time management is the main topic of the paper. Time management skills can be considered as a good option in proper time management and most of all it is important to prioritize the task in order to maintain a good time management. As a thesis statement it can be said that students with efficient time management skills can have better rate of success in their personal, professional and social life.


In order to solve poor time management prioritizes of tasks can be an efficient options as it can be cultured by learning efficient time management skills. In order to develop a good time management skills it is important to follow a number of steps. A various effective skills can be learn through time management skills in order to solve poor time management as poor time management can pull a person to the backwards for any development. In order to fulfill the obligation of everyday life it is important to nourish time management practices that include self-monitoring, planning and self-controlling (Mancini, 2003). Researches reveal that people with efficient planning skills are very proactive in case of productivity of time and they tend to be more energetic and efficient workers. Making prioritize of their tasks they somehow buy essential time to complete the work at ease. Procrastination is stated to be the stress factor that can lead to poor time management. Basically continuously moving backwards from the task does not provide the relief, it just escalate the stress associated with the work. Effective time management skills can handle such situation by managing important time for completing a given job within the provided limitation of time.


Secondly, by prioritizing the essential jobs the focus should be kept on the important tasks to be performed. In order to make a routine of work to be done it is important to manage time as per the urgency of the work. It saves time for other works as well without wasting much time. by judging the level of urgency of a given task time allocation will be a lot easier as sometimes the focus from the important job can be shifted in order to complete the lesser important jobs. Therefore prioritize the tasks as per the degree of importance is the best solution for poor time management. The significance of prioritize the tasks is therefore very essential in time management (Engler, 2014). For instance in order to perform a skillful task, one has to invest more time to complete the task than other lesser important jobs.
Eventually it is important to identify the proper distribution of tasks among the coworkers of any organization. If jobs do not distributed according to the capability it can be time consuming for a company. At the same time when the work load is heavy it is important not to waste time by simply gossiping or chatting in the internet that can waste significant time to complete the work. Generally identifying the time wasters can be a solution for the poor time management. Most importantly, as discussed first of all one need to identify the degree of urgency of the work given to make time adjustment according to that. Valuable time can be by prioritizing the tasks that can lead to efficient time management.

Emotional appeals

In case of poor time management emotional appeals can be considered as one of the vital factors to be discussed. In workplaces thinking on other topic not related to the work can be very hectic at times. Thinking on irrelevant topics can divert mind from the given work. Researchers have shown that thinking can waste three times more energy than doing lesser challenging job such as watching TV. Many different thoughts can take away a lot of time. Therefore emotional divergence cannot be accepted in efficient time management. Additionally in any working place there is a lot of emotional bounding that can be resulted in poor time management. Many positive and negative emotions can dictate the performance of a person as researches have shown. Emotions like anger, fear, confidence, enmity, shamelessness etc can be manipulated in appeal to satisfy. Interestingly management of time can be affected by all of these external factors to be considered (Cheema, 2009). Therefore it can be seen that different factors can divert mind in completing a task in the given time. So it is important to develop essential time management skills in order to maintain an efficient time management.

Needs appeals

In order to match the solution with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs it is important to mention the hierarchy first. A theory of human motivation has been presented in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. It is generally a psychological review of common people’s mindset.
“ Maslow used the terms "physiological", "safety", "belongingness" and "love", "esteem", "self-actualization" and "self-transcendence" to describe the pattern that human motivations generally move through” (Maslow, 1954).
Figure 1: Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
According to the necessity it is important to prioritize the tasks. Therefore the solution of managing time has accurately fulfilled by Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. First of all the human motivation is come through physiological way, next is safety purposes, next belongings and love, there after love, next esteem and at the top of the pyramid is self-actualization and self-transcendence. In respective of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs it is important to make time management as per the order of motivation. Priority is always essential in time management skill as it is chosen as the best solution. In case of proper time management it is important to make proper time adjustments for essential tasks in personal, professional as well as social life. Wasting time in patches without completing task can be a set back and it can negatively motivate a person as well. Sometimes lack of any of the factors presented in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs can lead to mismanagement of time. Besides unnecessary time wasting in any one of the factors can misbalance the time management and as a result of this poor time management can be seen. For implantation of better time management any organization can accredit its employees or students on basis of a number of considerations. The process can also figure out the best performers.

Necessity of solving the issue

The importance of finding the solution of poor time management can lead to implement solutions that can convert the poor management to efficient time management. Time is always considered as one of the important factor for the success of an individual or an organization. Lack of punctuality and late submission of given work can delay the success. Poor time management can reduce the working capacity and it delays the proceeding of a given task. . As it is known that for performing any task the major limitation is the time that bounds the completion of the event. Hence, to do more and better job with less effort it is important to solve the issue of time by better planning and management of the activities to gain advantage within the boundaries of time. Other important necessity of time management or solving the issue of poor time are making proper and better decisions and getting more success (Zeller, 2013). By solving the issue of poor time, better decisions can be taken that helps to get success in long period. Time management helps to learn more, because it reduces wastage of time that provides ample time for other activities and helps to learn more and gather essential knowledge which is out of syllabus of the regular life span of the human being. With proper planning and time management, the activities can be arranged appropriately and tasks can be completed on time that helps to reduce stress and helps the person to deliver better quality of work. Better time management or elimination of poor time helps the person to be more disciplined and do works as per planned schedule that further develops value of the person.


Conclusively it is important to understand that poor time management can be drawback in case of achieving success in any case of life. Therefore it is important to look into the matter of efficient time management as a routine practice. By developing time management skills for an individual or an organization tasks can be performed in limited time frame in maximum occasions. Besides by prioritizing the tasks according to the degree of importance can provide essential time in completing the other jobs efficiently. Efficient time management practices can reduce stress factor from the employees or a group of employees or students. At the same time it can be concluded that effective time management skills and prioritizing the given work can be an effective practice in order to be successful for any individual or any organization. It is essential to maintain time in case of solving any project and better time management can create extra opportunities in a number of ways. Eventually it can be said, for any individual it is highly recommended to acquire time management skills to create a successful career.


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