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Define the concept de-growth in one paragraph.

Sustainable de-growth is downscaling the perpetual pursuit of growth of economies concerning global warming and the gradual ecosystem degeneration in order to enhance ecological conditions, assuage the climate of the earth and prevent further harm. It deals with economic decline issues. However, sustainable de-growth should not be confused with economic de-growth, which is economic decline. Mostly people think that growth is very important for economic prosperity, but this is not true. De-growth in relation to prosperity does not signify a flourishing consumer lifestyle while misusing the earth resources. Current society views growth as a solution to societal problems while in reality economic growth is the root of economic changes that cause worse problems in the society. The concept of de-growth encourages the society to excel in prosperity without overtaxing the planet and causing ecological shifts that cause global warming. Places in the world that are overdeveloped will need to pursue a de-growth path because if they continue, they will dry up the farms and cause massive ecological shifts that will create problems leading to minimum societal survival. In following a de-growth path overdeveloped countries will focus their societal energy and capital in other areas.
These countries will also discover a series of benefits to their capital (welfare), have a long-term security, and make the earth a better place. Therefore, the concept of de-growth advocates for the absence of growth in attaining prosperity by providing that every global individual can achieve prosperity and also engage in minimized utilization of earth resources. In conclusion, de-growth will address global warming and gradual ecosystem degeneration and in turn enhance ecological conditions and promote sustainable prosperity.
List and describe five ways in which you, as a caring citizen of the world, will change your lifestyle to respond to the call for sustainability.

In order to move towards sustainable prosperity, citizens need to change their lifestyles to achieve sustainability.

Proper Disposal of Waste Materials
Disposal of waste materials neglects sustainability. With the population increasing rapidly, waste management has become a progressively difficult and complex societal problem. Large populations increase waste like newspapers, discarded food, bottles, and chemicals from factories, candy papers, construction debris, disposable diapers and it becomes difficult to manage the waste. Improper management of waste eventually leads to decline in environmental sustainability. A sustainable future is through proper disposal of waste through utilizing dumpsters and using garbage cans.

Use of sustainable transport

Modern transport has weighty consequences to environmental sustainability because most cars emit harmful gasses that disrupt the ozone layer leading to global warming. Nevertheless, sustainability is possible through using less motorized transport that will not pollute the environment. A citizen can engage in walking and cycling, these mechanisms reduce pollution and increase fitness. Car manufacturers can also produce eco-friendly cars that use green energy.

Reusing and recycling of indispensable materials

One demerit that neglects the objective of ensuring sustainability is the disposal of indispensable materials. The rates at which economies develop have a great impact on individual lives and how they dispose of cans, plastic papers, boxes and plastic bottles. Individuals neglect the disposal of indispensable materials thus decreases the level of natural resources causing a decrease in sustainability. A strategy regarding these issues is recycling and composting, which will transform waste into useful products.

Using green energy

Green energy is energy from natural sources, or power generated by sustainable, renewable sources like wind, waves and tides, solar, biomass, geothermal deposits, biomass, and low-impact hydroelectric power. Green energy initiatives are carried out by most governments, because they want to promote clean energy, reduce their dependence on foreign oil, lower greenhouse gas emissions and create new jobs. Use of green energy will conserve the earth’s natural resources and address the issues of global warming.

Eating healthy foods and changing Dietary Habits

Leading a healthy life is an efficient way of boosting sustainability. Diseases like cancer result from unreliable dietary lifestyles. The increase in such diseases leads to depletion of natural resources. Eating healthily or sustainable diets will reduce the cases of lifestyle disease and enhance sustainability. Sustainable diets reduce environmental impacts that contribute to food and nutrition security to a health sustainable life. Developing countries contributes to land degradation like soil erosion and leads to loss of important soil nutrients further it leads to water scarcity, ecosystem degradation, pollution, Fishery depletion and Biodiversity loss. Therefore, citizens should promote de-growth to reduce soil degradation.

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