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Published: 2021/03/31

The plot setting of the short story The Lottery in Babylon is a fictional city that characterize the perversion of life and the mystical phenomenon of the Mesopotamian civilization. The short story demonstrates a notable style of fantasy of thought to explore the extrapolated nature of the absurd, as well as the comprehensible possibility of success. This is achieved through the description of the narrator’s nascent lottery that affects the holistic economic and social activity in the city. The symbolism that establishes the focus of the short story borders ion the description of the mythical Babylon where the ensuring social-economic aspects of life is wrought together through a metaphor of the encompassing lottery to portray the role of fate in the success of one’s life.
According to The Lottery in Babylon, the manifested symbolism is anchored on the allegorical tale that governs the understanding of the relationship between the implication of nature, as well as the metaphysics on the universe. The literary approach used in the short story reinforces the historical recollection of the Babylonian lottery company. Every aspect pf the need to take responsibility is a reflection of the life in Babylonian life. The Lottery in Babylon characterizes the initial management of lottery where the purchase of tickets and the dynamics of winning monetary rewards evolved into the trend where the appetite for more rewards were development.
Comparative to the modern lotteries, participation in the activities captures a facet of social, economic trajectory that become mandatory for everyone apart from the elites (Luis Borges, p.101). This is a manifestation of the meaning of the lottery as a secretive venture that profited the shareholders in the company providing an avenue for corruption. The nonexistence of the company is analogous to the understanding that the allegory of life is apparently a random means of being inclined to be all knowing and all powerful.
The meaning of life, as well as the possible existence of imaginary venture, is the basis of a capitalist of life. This is a paradoxical vision that draws the desires of human nature to influence others ways of life. The lottery as an activity gained popularity and grew into a social and economic entity but operated in secret. This design orchestrates a complex picture of probability and chances in life (Luis Borges, p.105). To illustrate, the single events in the lottery revolved around fortunate and lack of it in chances to win the monetary rewards among several participants.
The understanding that people used the lottery to initiate measures to influence others over the lottery, the nature of operation embodies a model of communication. It is through such a design that the life in the city of Babylon turned to supporting activities of the lottery. The Lottery in Babylon epitomizes a yearning energy as well as inspiration in the life of Babylonians. The structural understanding of its mythology blocks the ability to discern the reality. The illusionary effect reflects the existence of manipulation to affect the life in the society. The Lottery in Babylon contradicts the conventional perspective of human rationality knit together through a host of symbolism, allegory, and illusions. Such irrationality favors the risk of manipulation established on the randomness of cartels and lottery activities. The short story is a masterpiece that paints the picture of desire and destiny.

Work Cited

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