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Problems and Opportunities

Among the major problems hindering legal diamond trade, is the existence of diamond smuggling. The corrupt dealings allowing for the smuggling of “Conflict Diamonds” in countries borders have enabled rebels succeed in their malicious trade. The need to fund wars is also a major problem that leads terror groups into breaking the laws to enable their trade, which in turn funds their wars. However, the Kimberley process is a major opportunity for the elimination of the menace and restoration of peace in the afflicted areas.

Environmental scanning

The afflicted areas are those with prevalent political instability and thus providing room for the thriving of rebel groups. Existence of corruption is also a key characteristic of the areas with prevalence of “conflict diamonds.” These areas have very few laws governing them, and there exists major terrorist groups that threaten the security of the world at large. The United Nations is not in a position to keep track of the conflict diamonds, owing to the prevalence of subcontractors. They are responsible for buying from these terror groups, then selling to the five major companies, who cannot detect the source of the diamonds.

Strategic marketing issues

The “Conflict Diamonds” are almost impossible to track, allowing their trade in the legal international market.
Diamonds are among the most valuable objects in the world, owing to their demand. The product is very rare, and thus its astonishing value. Their pricing is demand based, controlled by a number of dealers, majorly DeBeers.


The distribution of “Conflict Diamonds” is illegal, and there exist a number of set laws to govern their trade. The laws set aim at creating peace in the afflicted areas, though they are not regulated to their full potential, creating room for smuggling.


In terms of promotion, the diamonds are not detectable, for example by sniffer dogs, and thus making them highly profitable through the eased transporting.

Selecting and Evaluating Target Markets

Identification and evaluation of target markets for the “Conflict Diamonds” is limited. The rebel groups sell their products to buyers who need quick money, among them fellow terror groups such as the Al-Qaida.

Product Cycle Phase

In regards to the product life phase, RUF rebels sell the “Conflict Diamonds” at low prices to the Al-Qaida, who then smuggle them to fellow neighboring countries like Liberia for legitimate trading.

Situational analysis

The government has no management, though their endless plan to stop the trade. Corrupt dealings are a major hindrance, and support the thriving of the trade of “Conflict Diamonds”. The rebel groups that indulge in this trade lose the control over the “Conflict Diamonds” as soon as they are sold out to their intended buyers (Campbell 2012).

SWOT Analysis

Alternative Courses of Action
The governments of the afflicted regions have a vital role to play to stop the illegal trade of “Conflict Diamonds.” One of the key strategies is to keep records of mined diamonds that are legitimate for future reference. The Kimberley process should also be embraced and enacted fully to eliminate the trade. Control redistribution is also vital, alongside the enactment of tarrifs and embargoes in these areas.

Recommended Course of Action

The diamond traders should only purchase diamonds with serial numbers to eliminate the trade of “Conflict Diamonds.” Since the blood diamonds have no serials, they cannot penetrate the market provided the companies in the trade adhere to the plan. It is also recommendable to only trade diamonds that have legitimate documentation as provided by the responsible governments and custom authorities. It will eliminate the trade, and restore peace to the afflicted areas.


Campbell, G. (2012). Blood Diamonds, Revised Edition: Tracing the Deadly Path of the World's Most Precious Stones. Basic Books.

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