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Essay 1

An ethical company adheres to all ethical policies. These policies should be made mandatory to all stakeholders. If any of the stakeholders behaves unethically, the entire company suffers. Every company has a code of ethics and if it is not well followed it night lead to future ethical problems. One of the companies that might suffer ethical problems if not well addressed in the future is Apple. In the past few years, Apple company came up with a code of ethics. All employees were to follow all the rules. The company has various suppliers in over six countries all over the globe. Every supplier should comply with the ethical code of conduct. There are, however, some misconducts that might lead the company to ethical failure. The company is vulnerable and might suffer severe consequence sin the future (Trevino and Nelson 44).
One of the causes of ethical vulnerability is the lack of a strong relationship between the company and the suppliers. They partly form part of the company but since everybody knows them as Apple's suppliers, they become part of the company. The supplier, based in China was not treating employees ethically. This is proven by the poor working conditions of the employees. Integrity, confidentiality, and respect are ethical values that should usually are highly observed. If not, the company is doomed to fail ethically. If it fails, nobody will want to be part of it. Foxconn, which is the supplier, came to light when the employees decide to gang up and protest (Kaiser 39). The reports that came around only talked about Apple and its ethical misconduct. Treating employees like animals yet paying little is not ethical. If this continues in the future, Apple will be in for big trouble. They will not be able to convince their customers that all the work done in the company is for the good of the company.
Recently, the famous iPhone became a subject of discussion. Allegations that the phone was not durable were many. People have now become reluctant when it comes to purchasing this product. This is also part of the ethical code of conduct in the company. All products manufactured should meet the expectations of the consumers. In a case of any problem, issue or misunderstanding, it should be addressed immediately. Trying to prove that what customers have seen, yet they are the users of the phone is wrong is also not ethical. This shows a lack of trust and competence. The company should acknowledge the mistake, which later happened and apologize to the customers. This is unethical move to make. This shows that in future Apple will also have problems. Employees no longer have trust in the company. It does not follow up keenly all the virtue sit has established. From the readings of this course, culture is something that goes on for a long time in a company's history. Apple might carry forward this culture of mistreating employees and not being keen on customer request. Consumers associate themselves with a company that is drama free. In the case of Apple, drama keeps unfolding (Kaiser 45). The problem is that nobody knows when it is going to happen next. The second issue is that, no matter how strict the laws are in this company, they will not be followed up very keenly. Cost is the second insight for this case. Unethical behavior is costly. Apple will suffer a lot more if it does not do anything to improve on its ethics. The third insight is social responsibility. Apple is having a program that lets its employees take economic courses. If the company faces devaluation in terms of ethics, the employees will not take much interest because they will think it is not reputable of them. The society has always been judgmental. It will not recognize this initiative because of the bad reputation. Apple should fix its ethical issues so that the society I will appreciate what it is offering.

Essay 2

Leadership and ethics go together. For a leader to be successful in his or her duties, ethics should be the guiding principal. As a leader, I will offer a lot to my company to ensure that the probability of ethical behavior is improving. The first virtue I would ensure that all my people practice respect. It is like two-ways traffic. If everybody stays in his or her lane, there will be a collision in the organization. I ensure that people understand that no matter their position in the company, they are all employees. They should stick to their duties and follow all their set rules in the organization. With respect, employees will not be mistreated, all customers' interests will be attended to and there will be unity in the organization. The second thing I would ensure I enforce is competence. In the case of Apple bend iPhone, it is clear some slept on his job. I will not tolerate this type of behavior in the organization. All work will be in completion and the right way. If an employee or any stakeholder is not able to do it, he or she will be free to say so that a competent person can be in that position (Trevino and Nelson 61).
Culture is as important as any other virtue in the organization. Every company has a culture that is proud to be part of. If the culture does not observe all ethical policies, it will be wise of me, as a leader, to ensure that it is back to its ethical track. The culture should be well upheld and build to become strong and that the company can boast of. The fourth virtue is to ensure that it not the employees only who are ethical. All stakeholders will have to take part in the ethical journey. The organization might suffer like Apple because one of its stakeholders is not ethical. They all should be part of the organization's ethical code of conduct. As a leader, it is my official duty to ensure that all stakeholders are ethical especially to all transactions in the business. The community is judgmental, and this might not be good for the organization. This will also help to create a good reputation outside the organization. The last virtue to increase ethical behavior is social responsibility. It is good to give back to the society (Trevino and Nelson 67). The society is responsible for the growth and success of the company. This is they the organization should give back to show its regards to it. This is also an ethical step. It shows that the company understands that people, are in need of something and that we can give it to them. This in return helps in building customer loyalty. This is something that many organizations strive to do. At the time some will go out of the ethical way to attain it. Social responsibility is an ethical way of attracting clients and building a relationship with them.

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