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2. Guidance to a community struggling with a lack of concern for communal holiness in Pauline format

Greetings from sender to receiver

A prayer of thanksgiving
Addressing the lack of concern for communal holiness
Disadvantages of sexual immorality
Celibacy and sex in married couples
Greetings and instructions to specific people.
3. Factors that make this guidance endure through time.
5 Discussion
St. Paul addressed many pastoral issues in his writings that are amazingly relevant contemporary issues today. If St. Paul was present today he would address the issue of pride in the church, spiritual immaturity and the lack of concern about communal holiness in the church. The saying goes that “pride comes before a fall”. Pride in the church today has led to divisions that have gone to the extent of fractionalizing the church. Pride has brought discordance that has prompted some members to leave the church community. Pride is a sin that can manifest in the church as a whole when the church does not address the sins within. In regards to spiritual immaturity, the church needs to understand who they are. Believes need to let go of their legal rights when trying to solve conflicts with other believers. This shows spiritual maturity since they do not litigate in front of nonbelievers. If believers can adjudicate amongst themselves they show their abilities one day to judge the angels and unbelievers, Paul references Daniel 7:22. The church has got to a point where they do not show remorse for unholy acts occurring right at their door steps.Pauline Format From insert your name the servant of Christ to the church of God which is in Todana, to all those who worship our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. May God grant you grace and understanding. I thank Christ who has made you rich in all thing including speech and knowledge. Our God who began good works in you shall surely bring them to completion. By the authority instilled in me by our Lord Jesus Christ, I appeal to you my brethren to distance yourselves from unholy acts of sexual immorality, incest and adultery. Do you not know that your bodies and spirits are one? For your sake my brothers, those among you that have been caught in acts of sexual immorality such as sexually molesting children or women should be reported to the authorities which will allow for their, prosecution and confinement. How, then, can you be arrogant? My brethren, condoning and hiding these perpetuators is unjust. Paul says “deliver such one to Satan” (1 Tim1:20). Believers, this is in hope of correcting their behavior “for the destruction of the flesh” so that their spirit can be saved, “saving of the spirit”. Brothers and sisters, enact discipline in the church and more so in yourselves. A person who commits incest should be removed from their midst. My brothers and sisters, Jesus told us that if your right eye causes you to sin remove it and throw it away. For brethren, is it not better for you to enter heaven with a missing body part than your entire body to be thrown in the blazing fires of hell? However, you as the church of Christ and preaching this gospel of peace should not condemn the imprisoned individual. It is not right for you to engage in prostitution. Do you not know that your bodies are the Lord’s temples in service of God which is shown in the resurrection of Christ and hence ours? In engaging in sexual immorality your whole body communes in evil and not only your physical body. Sexual immorality is abhorrent to the Lord. Know this, darkness does not dwell with the light. Flee from temptation and abstain from sex that is perverted, premarital and extramarital. Have you not made this a foreign concept? Acting on your fleshly nature and telling yourselves a lie “if something feels good do it”. The very fact that you have legitimized sexual promiscuity shows that you have failed completely. The sexual immorality among you is destroying your ability to love your partners, bringing your happy families to an end, degrading and objectifying you as individuals and some have even become addicted to such elements as pornography. I argue you brethren, to be pure in mind and body. Your purity glorifies God and more so maintains your wellbeing. On the issue of celibacy, those that choose this path should not be looked down upon but their solemn commitment should be respected. Husbands and wives do not use sex as a bargaining chip in marital affairs but meet each other’s sexual needs unconditionally. Further, Paul tells us “to remain as we are” showing us that believing in Christ does not mean that we end our earthly relationship on the account of the new ideals instilled in us. The beliefs and choices you make have to be seen as authentic by the world. I argue you to put your faith into action. I plan to come to you after am through with the work of the Lord here in Media. Be firm and strong in faith. You know of Manning and his family their continuous service and devotion to Christ I employ you to follow such examples. Pass my greetings to Mark and his Bible study. The brethren here in Media send their greetings.
A particular person’s guidance may endure through time if the guidance they offer is practical and applicable. Actions speak louder than words. Additionally, this may assist others in assimilating this actions since they can evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of these guidance in real life. The results the guidance yields when put in practice determines if the guidance will endure across time. The format in which the guidance is offered determines how it will be passed through generations and thus time. For instance, Paul writes letters to his audience which encourage, pray and correct them all at once. These assist them not to retaliate but reflect on their actions since they are corrected in love.

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