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John Adams set his opera in the Second World War portraying the anxiety leading up to the testing of the nuclear bombs. The opera exudes postmodernism in such a within its theme showing how the scientists have used their advanced developments are being used for war purposes. Disturbance is rampant within this opera resonating postmodernism. The ethic of war are called out within this opera .Oppenheimer’s wife, Kitty, is constantly trying to bring her husband to his sense regarding the war. With the Germans having surrendered, Oppenheimer’s dedication to develop the atomic bomb seems unethical. However, in accordance with Oppenheimer and General Leslie Groves, the program is unaffected by the state of the war. The dissonance within the team of nuclear physicists and their families exhibits disturbance synonymous with postmodernism. His meetings in Washington shows that it has been decided to bomb Japanese civilians. This shows that all these activities lacked the complacency with normal societal proceedings. Going ahead with the nuclear program shows that they embraced disturbing social conventions, as postmodernism does. Dr. Atomic is an opera that shows that the liberal minds of politicians and physicists came together to show how cultures can topple world relations. It took significant resolve to develop such a dangerous weapon. Furthermore, lobbyists stood their ground to continue with the proceedings that would cause much disturbance. This theme resonates disturbance of societal comfort and politics as an aspect of postmodernism.

Dr. Strangelove and Satire

Dr. Strangelove is a satirical movie released in 1964 during the postwar tensions that marred the US in this period. With fears rising across the world and the ensuing Cold War, this film stood out as a humorous depiction of the political tension and its causes. The film has numerous instances of unnecessary worry in which it ridicules the tensions within the US.
The US Air Force Brigadier General Jack D. Ripper (Sterling Hayden) is mocked from his name which resembles the 19th century serial killer Jack the Ripper. He is shown to blame everything on the communist Russian regime; even his underperformance in sexual partners. He represents the worries of the Americans at the strength of the Russians. This mockery is a form of satire.
Furthermore, this movie satirizes the American’s worries by showing how exaggerated their view for Russia was. This is shown by their attempts to stop the B32 bomber that was headed to the Russian boarder. They believed Russia possessed a weapon that would destroy the whole world if they were attacked. This exaggeration led to the panic of the American army generals who now feared that they may have caused a nuclear apocalypse. The worries of the American people were displayed in a humorous manner given that they were worried of the nuclear apocalypse. The idea of being sexual incompetent due to the communistic regime of Russia is hilarious. These satirical elucidations of the worries of the General Ripper are rampant within this movie.
The society made its way into the picture by agreeing to go underground to save the human race. The severity of the situation escalated significantly within the society to the point that they believed that the apocalypse was eminent. These baseless worries were all shown in satirical light. Conclusively, the movie mocks the exaggerated worries of the American society were satirized in Dr. Strangelove. Their worries are exaggerated and mocked because they were not valid. The order to release the bomber to Russia was given because of significantly mediocre reasons. This confirms that Dr. Strangelove is satirical.

Robert Oppenheimer

Robert Oppenheimer was the chief of the United States Energy Commission during the Second World War. This came with the responsibility of making a weapon that would decimate the Japanese defenses to its knees. He was a man of vast interests, and among this was the Indian literature Bhagavad Gita that is a Holy Book within Indian society. He admits that its philosophies shaped his life. He has the pressure of achieving breakthroughs in nuclear science to secure his country’s victory while still fearing the impact it will have on history and the lives of the bomb’s victims. “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.” This reference to the Bhagavad Gita by Oppenheimer on a television broadcast showed that the nuclear program had a significant impact on the world. Regimes toppled once the discoveries of him and his team were used within the war. The atomic bombs had the impact that it had been intended for; the surrender of the Japanese.
Being a philosophical man, Oppenheimer’s judgment was based on the scriptures of the Bhagavad Vita. Pressures surrounding the testing of the atomic bomb within the horrible weather conditions show his need to achieve his mission. Furthermore, given the Germans surrender, the continuation of his research seems to have been motivated by these scriptures. Within the Bhagavad Vita, Vishnu persuaded the Prince to impress him with his martial skills, and he viewed himself as the prince charged with taking on his ‘multi-armed form. This made him strive as hard as he could to develop the bomb. Oppenheimer was intoxicated with the need to be successful. The Bhagavad Vita shaped his philosophies; and thus he was obsessed with impressing those who looked up to him. He never let anything come in the way of his success until he successfully saw to the manufacture of atomic bombs that would win the war over for his country.

Corsets in the Victorian Era

The standardization of ladies’ fashion within the 19h century was based on standards of beauty at the time. Women were admired for thin waists, raised and well-shaped breasts along with a proper posture. The corset flared to the waist and was reinforced with steel. This caused serious health implications on women, but most of them did not stop using them as beauty was not expendable. The need for acceptance within the society as beautiful is basic. Within the Victorian society, a wide waist and low-set breast were ridiculed. The corset seemed to remedy the social anxiety that accompanies these undesirable features. Tight-lacing gave the women a desirable waist at the cost of their physical well-being. Society embraced the figure that the corset nurtured in women. Beauty meant societal reverence. However, despite the church and other organizations protesting it, the society had already set the standards of beauty that could not change overnight; therefore, the corset thrived.

Post-Modernism and Fashion

The tattooed head within the illustration bears the markings of a post modernistic era. The disruption of the facial image by this man has troubling effects on the normal demographic. This has the disturbance that postmodernism boasts. The spider, centipede and skull-like forms are used to signify gothic forms that disturb any audience of this man’s face. This postmodernism borrows random features of daily life that people fear. These tattoos were not drawn to inspire anything, but rather as a way to inspire fear by embracing the things that people fear most. Furthermore, exposure of the skull and brain as depicted in the tattoo shows that he exposes his mind to display the disturbed thoughts. This art form shows fragmentation of ideas. The images are out of context, but they are all explaining a certain aspect of fear individually.
Conclusively, this is a postmodern art form breaking away from normal societal explanations. The randomness and disturbing images on this skin reflect post modern ideologies of art.

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