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A comparison of the two stories given reveals major differences in the perceptions that the two people hold. ‘How My Illiterate Grandmother Raised an Educated Black Man’ gives a narration on the impact that proper upbringing may have in shaping a person’s character and behavior. Although the grandmother was illiterate, she had a desire to ensure that the grandson acquired education. To her, education was the only means of becoming successful in life. As a matter of fact, this belief and persistence yielded positive results as the grandson (narrator) became successful in life. On a similar note, ‘Black Men and Public Space’ employs a different approach, the end result of which was the emergence of a feared group in the society. Whether in the streets or in office, the narrator cuts a worrying figure that worries people, prompting them to thing negatively about them. With the subject matter being how the black person is perceived in the outside world, it is prudent to note that the texts have a number of differences, both in approach and the underlying meanings of the texts.
In ‘How My Illiterate Grandmother Raised an Educated Black Man’, the narrator emphasizes the role that positive upbringing has in the society in shaping a person’s appearance. From an early age, the narrator understands that only education is the key to life, without which it would prove difficult to be accepted in the society. The parental love and care that one receives from close relatives is also essential in building a person’s personality. Although he was hopeless from the beginning, education shaped the narrator to the extent that he is respected in the society. This is very contrary to what is in ‘Black Men and Public Space.’ In this narration, it is apparent that black men are always feared in the society. When he walks on the streets, people tend to avoid the narrator because they are not fully aware of his behavior. Most of the citizens associate such black people to illegal behaviors such as rape and stealing. Whereas the first narration focused on the success of the black man from the humble beginnings, the second text puts more emphasis on how and why black men should be avoided in the society.
The second major difference is as regards to the life in the street. Clearly, the narrators perceive street life differently, depending on the level of appreciation one has towards the streets. In ‘How My Illiterate Grandmother Raised an Educated Black Man’, it is apparent that the grandmother associates street life to thugs and other evils. From the early age, it is apparent that the grandmother is against such a way of life. Because of this, she was very strict on the grandson, arguing that this was the only way through which a successful future can be built. Against the grandson’s liking, the grandmother restricted the grandson from associating himself with people from the streets. The grandson appreciated being wit mischievous young me, which the grandmother argued could turn out to be negative and subject one to the police. When the grandson became immune to the threats from the grandmother, she had to invite police to warn him of the possible dangers in the streets. She advises him that life in the streets is tricky, the extent to which one could end up being killed. To a large extent, such a lifestyle in the streets s viewed differently in the second text. In the second text, the narrator’s behavior had adapted the streets. Black men in the streets had been associated to evil activities and behaviors, the extent to which they were being avoided by other common people. This difference, in particular, is enough to analyze how better-decision making from an early age is essential in shaping one’s perception and appearance in the public. Such an approach introduces various behaviors.
Apart from their perception on street life, the two texts also differ in their approach to relationships. The grandmother in the first text is very strict on matters of relationships. This difficult stance is based on the fact that such exposure to women is not necessary. When the female classmate asked the grandson to accompany her down the street, the grandmother is against the idea According to her, it would be wrong for the grandson to accompany the lady as this could provide a perfect opportunity to go against the expectations. Be it as it may, it is not clear as to whether being in a company of a female could influence someone mature enough to be a father. Although he tries to convince her to give him the chance to accompany the lady, the grandmother is of a different opinion. All these restrictions, according to the grandmother, are necessary in order to ensure that a person may get focused on only one aspect in life. This way, one can succeed. This approach is not necessarily restricted in the second text. As the narrator put it early, street life gives one an opportunity to make new friends and mingle with them. The narrator is of the opinion that there existed brotherly and sisterly love in the streets.
In general terms, text one employs a positivist approach while text two employs a negative approaches. With different backgrounds, the two narrators have different perceptions to what life is. The narrators learned life lessons in different manners, shaping the approach they take in viewing issues. In ‘How My Illiterate Grandmother Raised an Educated Black Man’, the narrator’s approach is shaped by the fact that he is accorded parental love from the grandmother. Whenever he goes wrong, there is somebody to correct and guide him. This is demonstrated in a number of occasions. First, when the narrator was young, the grandmother used to wake her early up and prepare him for school, often encouraging him to accomplish the assignment in time. The grandmother also warns him of the pornographic contents and materials that would entice any individual to engage in crime. When the classmate wanted to be accompanied, the grandmother responded to the contrary. This means that the narrator’s perception is circumvented by the exposure he received at an early late. The second text, however, employs a different approach. The narrator is not accorded the guidance of any guardian. To add up on this, the angle through which he analyzes life and events that take place is very different from the first narrator. Apparently, life in the streets had hardened him. By being considered by many as being a criminal by virtue of being black, the narrator has learnt to cope to various conditions. All in all, the texts employ a different approach to address the subject matter.

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