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What, when and where did Claude Bernard study and discover?

Claude Bernard was a French Physiologist. He used to live wine-producing region of Beaujolais. In the mid-nineteenth century he discovers that if a rabbit is given regular meals, its urine is cloudy and alkaline. However, if the rabbit hasn’t had any food for a while, its urine turns clear and acidic.
2. What did he learn about the Human Body?
This part of the video is about the experiments that Claude Bernard performed on rabbits and other animals do understand how the internal organs respond to changes in the environment. These feedback reactions are to restore the balance in our bodies. The same feedback technique was used in the Second World War by the allies to target the German missiles. Earlier, the German missiles were too fast to be fired on. MIT and Bell labs then figured out that these missiles need to be tracked and using the radar data to calculate the missile’s position after a few seconds. So this way they could fire at where it was going to be as opposed to where it was.
4. What, when and where did Mathew Morey demonstrate expertise about?
Mathew Maury was an American Naval Officer and an expert on Oceanography. He was able to pin-point where a lost ship may have sunk and the rescuers found it right where he said it would be. In 1847, he issued the book “Wind and Current Chart of the North Atlantic” This was further followed by additional material on sailing directions. The use of his manuals and methods saved so much time, that the International Congress adopted his way of recording oceanographic information in 1853, at Brussels. Post this, all the countries with large fleets sent all their data to Maury who would evaluate and distribute the data results.
5. How did Morey and Samuel Morse connect?
Samuel Morse invented the telegraph which was used to transit Maury’s data on wind and ocean currents. 6. Where were the achievements and weakness of Samuel Morse?
Samuel Morse invented the telegraph. He also was an established portrait maker. However, he was a political looney and believed that the Pope is infiltrating Catholic people into Missouri in order to stage an armed attack. This is the reason the Rotunda art committee rejected his artwork.
7. Was there any controversy about the invention of the Telegraph?
At the time of its invention, there was some conjecture as many people were claiming to have invented the telegraph. However, Morse’ telegraph was the one that became famous with its key for typing the message and the code that is tapped. This was called the Morse code.
8. What was Morse's famous message and when did it occur?
Morse’s first telegraph message occurred on May 24th, 1844. From the Supreme Court Chamber in the Capitol building in Washington D.C, Morse taps the message “What hath God wrought?” to Baltimore in Maryland, thus laying to rest any speculation about the successful invention of the telegraph.
9. What led to Morse's problems with Congress?
The Congress had rejected appropriating any money for Samuel Morse’ telegraph line. This led to his problems with the Congress.
10. Who was Morse's hero and how was this connected to Italy?
Morse’ hero was Washington Olsten. He used to take regular trips to Romano in Italy in order to get inspiration for his romantic painting. His excellence at romantic poetry is the reason Morse worships him. 11. When, how, and by whom was the industrial revolution purported to have been discovered?
It was Joseph Black who discovered how much fire is required to make how much steam to be condensed by how much water resulting in how much of the final product. He figured this out while working on whiskey distils. He discovers the latent heat as being the reason behind steam’s massive hotness. He shares this observation with James Watt who uses it in his invention of the Steam Engine which kicks of the Industrial Revolution.

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