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Through properly analyzing the changes in the climatic condition over the years, it is unchallengeable to argue that drastic changes in weather patterns and quality of air. This is due to the continuous pollution of the environment that has caused the changes being witnessed. There are different types of pollution; however, it is important to note that they have a negative impact on the areas affected. The most affected aspect of life that is negatively affected by the living organisms is people daily livelihood. Through properly analyzing the impact that these different types of pollution have had on the society, it is inevitable to state that there is a need to develop possible solutions. This paper will evaluate an environmental problem and establish possible solutions. The environmental problem to be analyzed will be air pollution in China in relation to fossil fuels and oil. The effects of these sources of energy will be evaluated and possible solutions evaluated.
Air pollution is among one of the major issues affecting the world in relation to environmental pollution. This is due to the various developments that are taking place around the world which in turn result in pollution. This is evident through the numerous developments that have taken in the industrial sector and technological sectors of the world. Sulfur dioxide makes up a large percentage of environmental pollution; this is because sulfur is continuously emitted through diverse industrial processes (Tong et al, 2013). It has been established that petroleum contains large amounts of sulfur. These large amounts of sulfur are released in large amounts on a daily basis. This is because there are numerous activities in the world which involve the release of this gas into the environment. Therefore, it is important if there was a consideration of the impacts that these gases have on the environment.
Carbon monoxide is also a toxic gas that is released to the environment due to incomplete combustion of natural sources of fuel such as wood. The gas is colorless and odorless; the effects of the gas are hardly noticed since it is produced from natural sources of fuel. However, to avoid the occurrence of this kind of pollution, it is important to ensure that there is complete combustion of these natural fuels. This will be an effective way of cutting down on carbon monoxide in the atmosphere (Bytnerowicz, 2008). However, this is unlike fossil fuel that is severely harmful to the environment.
Particulates are also known in relation to air pollution due to the role that they play in pollution. Particulates are substances that are released to the air through natural or human activities. Human activities may include the use of aerosols while in natural means they may be evident through the natural occurrences such as volcanic ashes and forest fires. With the rate at which vehicles are being manufactured, there has also been an increase in the release of particulates (Tong et al, 2013). This is because vehicles use fossil fuel that in turns affects the quality of air through the gas that is released after combustion. Various industrial sectors such as power plants are also known to be serious contributors to the release of particulates. It has been estimated that about 10 percent of the particulates that are currently in the atmosphere have been contributed to by human activities. The increase in this pollution has resulted in health related issues where there has been the development of heart diseases and lung complications.
Research conducted in China has established that a large number of the population is suffering from cardiovascular diseases. This is after studies were conducted to establish the risks at which people are in due to the constant exposure that they have to pollute air. The quality of air that is evaluated based on the extent to which it has been polluted is also a factor that determines the extent to which individuals may be affected. This is because some parts of China has been greatly affected by air pollution since a large part of its population is exposed to serious level of pollution. This is attributed to the diverse kind of pollution that are taking place in China due to the development taking place. Stroke is also a disease that a majority of population in China is at risk of due to the impact that the continuous exposure to pollute air has caused. Various studies have also proven that incidents of coronary stroke are greatly attributed to by the high level of air pollution in the region.
Studies conducted have also blamed air pollution to the diverse lung diseases that are being experienced in China. Lung disease is mostly influenced by the constant exposure to traffic pollution which is influenced by fossil gases emitted by vehicles (Ho, & Nielsen, 2007). Studies also indicate that people living in urban areas in China are at a greater risk of being diagnosed with chronic bronchitis compared to resident of rural parts of China. Through this research, it is clear that the quality of air in the industrious parts of China has been significantly affected by the pollution taking place.
Cancer has also been related with pollution where it has been proven that continuous exposure to particulates influences cancer diagnosis (Zhang et al, 2014). It has also been established that residents living in the urban areas of China are more prone to cancer diseases since they are constantly exposed to polluted air. This is especially noted among individuals who are likely to be in constant movement where they spend long hours in traffic where they are exposed to fossil gases. This is because China has a lot of cars and industries that release a wide range of gases on a daily basis that has in turn greatly affected the environment. The impact of that the development of cancer has on individuals varies between smokers and non-smokers. This is because smokers may already have signs of cancer that may be increased by exposure to contaminated air.
The effects of air pollution vary among individuals whereby there are complications that are associated to exposure to polluted air among children (Mead, & Brajer, 2005). Analysis have stated that children who are brought up in areas in China where there are high levels of pollution are likely to experience serious respiratory infections while at the same time have high chances of developing asthma. Pregnant women may also be at risk where they may be exposed to environment toxins that may affect their unborn babies.
Autism is also a brain condition that has been significantly influenced by the rate at which air pollution has been taking place in China. Other impacts that have been experienced vary between short-term memory loss and reduced learning ability. This is because the development process in the brain is usually slowed down by constant exposure to polluted air. A study has also shown that the impacts of air pollution vary in men and women whereby males are most affected. This is statistics has been proven through the autism incidents that are currently being experienced (Tong et al, 2013).
Air pollution also causes significant damage to the economy where a lot of public resources have been spent in developing solutions to the problem when it is clear what the problem is and how it can be handled (Ho, & Nielsen, 2007). Studies done in China have also established that further damages done to the economy has been the many hours that have been lost in working places in schools as the affected persons seek treatment. Government expenditure has proven that it has spent a lot of resources in providing medical care to patients who have been greatly affected by air pollution related diseases.
Further damages to the economy have been through the agricultural sector where there have been serious cases of crop failure. This is because there has been damage to the crop that has in turn affected the performance of different crops. Thus, through such impacts, it is clear that there will be poor quality and a reduction of the amount of crops going to the market. Unpredictable weather patterns have also been a factor that has significantly affected the agricultural sector in China. This is because many farmers in China depend on the rain for cultivation; therefore, a change in climate is likely to affect their yields (Tong et al, 2013). Through the evaluations that have been provided, it is clear that there have been serious damages to the environment and there is a need to develop possible solution. A possible solution can only be arrived at through ensuring that there is the consideration of the use of other sources of fuel.
Through the challenges that have been encountered due to air pollution, there have been strategies that have been arrived at top reduce the effects. This has been witnessed in developed countries such as the United States where there has been the development of power plants that operate using hydroelectric power. This has been efficient in ensuring that there is little air pollution due to the use of fossil fuel to generate electricity. The United States government has also facilitated the use solar panels where every new building that is being developed is required to install solar panels. This has been an efficient way in ensuring that there is a reduction of pollution (Innes, & Hassan, 2000).
The United States governments have also promoted the use of fuel efficient vehicles which has helped in reducing the use of fossil fuel that results in pollution. Through the importation and manufacturing of fuel efficient vehicles, the government aims at cutting down on pollution by a reasonable percentage. There has also been the use of electric cars which is yet to be well incorporated by the people. If properly integrated, it will be the most effective way of reducing pollution.
The use of the strategies that the United States has used would be suitable to China due to the positive outcome that has been achieved. If properly integrated into China, there will be a significant decline in pollution. However, the plan may fail to be fully carried out due to the high costs of development it may cost (Bytnerowicz, 2008). China has not yet reached the point that a developed country such as the US has.
The main possible solution to the environmental crisis that is being experienced in China would be the use of hydroelectric power and solar energy. This is because these forms of energy are renewable and have no negative impact on the environment. This is emphasis has been made based on the fact that the production of hydroelectric power is purely mechanical, and there is no discharge of any harmful gases to the environment (Innes, & Hassan, 2000). This is because the production of hydroelectric power is done through turbines that are placed in strategic positions where they are turned by running water. It is the impact that the running water has on the turbines causing them to turn that results in the production of electricity. This method of energy production is quite effective, thus should be considered. Its consideration should also be used since hydroelectric power can produce power to suit up to 56 percent of the energy used in China (Innes, & Hassan, 2000).
The use of solar energy is also an effective and cost efficient factor that should be considered to reduce the impact of air pollution. This is because the use of solar energy has no impact on the environment whereby it is a reliable source of energy. Its efficiency is evaluated based on renewability; this is because solar energy is renewable. The energy is produced through the use of solar panels that trap energy sun and convert it to make power. Solar energy if effectively used can produce 35 percent of the energy used in China
If the use of renewable sources of electricity in China is well evaluated, there will be a significant decline in the issues related with air pollution. It is, therefore, important if the government would evaluate the factors to be considered and make the relevant changes. This will go a long way in tacking the challenges that are being encountered due to air pollution related complications. The future solution to the challenges that China is undergoing would be well solved if there was an emphasis made on the need for renewable sources of energy. If this would be well analyzed and implemented, the country would manage the issues resulting from air pollution. Through the argument that has been provided, it is clear that fossil fuels and coal are harmful and there is need for change.


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