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According to the Islamic religion, justice is said to be the action of ensuring things are placed in the place they rightfully belong. This simply means that ensuring each and every one is treated equally as compared to the rest. Both the Western as well as the Islam considers justice to be a moral virtue that should be upheld in order to portray the required human personality.
The paper shall evaluate justice as one of the fundamental virtues in Islamic religion and also analyze the various Quran verses that outlines the necessity to execute justice. In comparison to equality, justice entails creation of an equilibrium whereby rights and duties are distributed even though not in an identical version. However, there are some instances when justice is rendered on the basis of inequality for example when it comes to distribution of wealth in an unequal manner.
In Saheeh Muslim, Islam prophet stated that there existed seven categories in which people were grouped, to whom God is going to shelter during the final days when only His shelter shall exist. God is shown to forbid injustice for Himself as well as to His people according to the words He spoke to His Messenger. Therefore, fairness as well as rectitude are well represented by justice for justice entails placement of things in their respective places. Furthermore, the holy scripture of the Islamic religion denotes the most fundamental aspects of justice.
The Quran puts justice in the prospects of being a virtue that is considered supreme in comparison to others. According to the book of Quran 16:90, the command of God is that of fairness and justice hence making it the paramount objective of Islam. This also shows Prophet Muhammad’s truthfulness in his worship as well as putting God’s exclusive worship right. The Quran further denotes in Quran 5:8 that those who believe in God should make uprightness their priority by ensuring that they manifest all their actions with justice. Justice hence becomes an obligation for every Islam to cultivate and uphold.
Quran 57:25 continues to show how vital justice is as a virtue in Islam. It states that God sent His Messengers to the world with a book that incorporated clear signs on how to ensure justice is properly established in the world. The fact that the words our messengers are used in this verse reveals that justice has always been the aim of al scriptures as well as revelation sent by God to humanity. The verse as well reveals that there are set guidelines on how justice should be measured and exercised in accordance to revelation. Justice is a virtue demanded by God hence it is widespread as well as all-embracing.
Although a specific channel on how to implement justice is not outlined, general guidelines are put in place on how to ensure justice is achieved. It is as a result of this guidelines that any means that is aimed to facilitate implementation of justice without violation of the proposed Islamic law is valid. Considerations in respect to religion, color, race and even creed outlines the Quranic standards as far as justice is concerned. The Quran puts it clearly in Quran4:135 that every Muslim should treat his or her friends and enemies in equal measure. The verse also commands equal treatment on basis of race and religion and every Muslim should be firm to execute what Allah commands.
Quran 5:8 is another verse that goes ahead to warn Muslims against hatred towards people that may result to injustice. It compares being just with righteousness hence encouraging Muslims to value justice. Quran 60:8 discuss the expected relationship between Muslims and non-Muslim communities. The verse enlightens Muslims not to get biased on religious grounds and should ensure mercy and good deeds towards non-Muslim communities. This principles applies to all nations and all humanity in general. Quran 5:42 gives the guidelines on how to administer justice whereby it states that if at all one is to offer judgment. It should be rendered with justice according to the teachings that Allah commands.
Furthermore, Quran 42:15 declares that the Prophet of God was sent on earth as a judge in order to execute judgment with justice. Therefore, the chief objectives of the Quran is to offer justice and faith amongst believers and this is declared in Quran 6:115. The verse states that it is through truth and justice that the word of God shall be fulfilled. Justice is also a personal virtue whereby in Quran 5:8, the Quran states that being just is very close to God-consciousness.
In conclusion, the paper has analyzed justice as one of the fundamental virtues in Islamic religion and also analyzed the various Quran verses that outline the necessity to execute justice.


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