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Published: 2021/02/17

One of the most underappreciated ‘jobs’ in the world is motherhood. Through a short quiz on Salary.com, we can get an idea as to how much of the work our mothers do is worth. My mother is a math teacher, and has earned her education from a prestigious institution of Saudi Arabia. Despite working full-time as a teacher, she also take cares of the house, and fulfills multiple roles like Housekeeper, Cook Facilities Manager, Psychologist, etc.
When I took the test to calculate my Mom’s paycheck, I inputted the typical hourly rate for the different roles my mother fulfills, and also incorporated the annual salary from her job. According to this calculator on Salary.com, my mother’s pay check would have been $83,866.
I liked this calculator, as it gave me a look at the many different roles that my mother fulfill. There were at least twenty different roles that my mother fulfills. In our daily lives, w e fail to appreciate what our mothers have done for us. This calculator shows the impact mothers have on our lives and how we can’t even imagine replacing them.
However, there was a drawback in this calculator. Instead of being global, the calculator was US-based. To calculate the figures, I used San Jose, California as my location. The income that the calculator came up with is above the average salary in the state. Furthermore, this calculator doesn’t put a price on the emotional connection mother have with their children. They aren’t fulfilling their responsibility for money but just out of this feeling of love.
Overall, this was a very insightful exercise as it made me stop and appreciate the value and impact my mother has in my life. Even if I try, I cannot find anything that replace her. Furthermore, it shows that even if someone is not drawing a salary, their contributions should be appreciated.

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