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Day by day, the number of children who go to jail greatly increases. No doubt, some of those kids committed a crime and they are in jail for logical reasons. However, not all kids go to jail for actual crimes. Some youths are pushed into jail for “gang injunction laws.” Gang injunction laws are simply punishing kids for hanging out with gang members through considering them as criminals. Keeping this unfair law increases the young victims who are pushed into jail. In order to help these kids and keep them out of jail, we need actions from parents/families, communities, political activists, and media.
Parents and relatives play a significant role in preventing their kids from being pushed into jail. In most cases, they do this by shaping the character of their children. Caring for your children makes a big difference in their lives. Many kids who go to jail lack attention from parents or having anyone to support them. Luis J. Rodriguez is a significant example of a kid who receives no care from his parents, so he is involved in gang activities and as a result he goes to jail for rioting and attempted murder (Rodriguez 1). This illustrates that youths need parents to embrace their foundations and their personal needs. Although When Luis is offered help and care from a strange worker in their neighborhood, he feels supported, valued, and wants to see the bright side of himself (Rodriguez 1). He starts to go back to school, learns mural painting, and starts to do better in life because he is not alone (Rodriguez 1). Since the day Luis receives support, he starts his successful journey, which has benefits for his community.
Communities could reduce the number of youths who go to jail by offering more facilities and places for youths to promote their talents. United communities, as well as families with great value, would donate money to build bookstores, parks, art education, sports programs, and cultural spaces. For instance, after Luis J. Rodriguez has a chance to be out of jail, he, his wife and others start an organization the “Tia Chucha’s Centro Cultural & Bookstore” in their neighborhood to attract kids to get involved in art activities instead of being involved in a gang. The move is effective since the attention of many students will be in building their talents. They will not get time to have their mind focused on the negative things. Children often develop according to their environment; if they have an environment where there is a social responsibility and high moral value, they will develop positive personality traits. It is, therefore, essential to building facilities that promote ethical practices in a certain setup. Because Luis realizes how art affects on kids’ behaviors, and he wants to help kids, he offered various programs and facilities. It is a big human investment for their community and their country too.
Political activists are important to prevent these kids from going to jail by being active in any law or injunction that pushes innocent kids into jail. Luis Rodriguez, a political activist, thinks that it should not be hard to find out how a helping hand instead of another injunction can work for thousands of young people (Rodriguez 2). Political activists could make a big difference to solve this issue if they devote their time to working on it for better future. However, in most cases not all political activists are aware of what is happening to the young children. Another drawback towards fighting for the children freedom from jail is that those who are in jail have genuine reasons for their being there. Persuasive political activists have the ability to expand people’s awareness and make them protest to take down unfair injunctions. The institutions that criminalize youths instead of educate them needs to be talked about publicly, discussed with the government leaders and find fair solutions by activists. Making your voice heard is a great sign for active people that make governments and people who are in charge to be hesitant to create new laws that push kids into jail. In the endeavor to keep kids out of jail, it is essential to consider various factors why they are kept in those places. Some of the kids may be in jail for their recurrent crimes and fighting for their freedom may not be of the essence. It is worth understanding that to promote the moral behavior in any society; some of the examples must be used to show the level of seriousness of a particular situation. Allowing the young generation to feel that they can get themselves involved in various activities knowing that they have freedom and rights to do so may affect the moral standards. Therefore, fighting for kids to be out of jail also has some limitations.
One of the most unfair treatments to the youths who commit crimes is their placement in adult prisons. In various parts of the world, there is a lack of proper facilities where children who commit crimes can be taken. The situation has led to subjecting the youths to the challenges in the adult prisons. Some of the kids are sodomized in these prisons making their life difficult because of the challenges they face. In the United States, many children have been taken to adult prisons, and about 3100 have been given life imprisonment. Many young people below the age of 14 years are tried as adults. Some of them have been sentenced to death because of their actions without their age considerations. Equal Justice Initiative have tried to make it clear to the government of the United States as well as the Supreme Court that the death penalty imposed on children is not in accordance with the constitution. There are several determinants to consider before putting a juvenile into a life sentence or death sentence. Kids at a certain age may not know the consequences of their actions as well as the action itself. For example, a kid may pull the trigger unintentionally and kill his/her parent. Due to lack of evidence or witness, the kid may be sentenced to prison or even given the death penalty. The punishment may not be fair because the action was unintentional.
It is essential to understand that the challenges faced by the young people may be of the magnitude that denies them equal rights as other children. Some of the young people cannot manage the social, emotional, and psychological challenges they face in their daily lives. However, one of the unfortunate phenomena is that few organizations are aware of such children and are trying to help them. The lives of the young people who are challenged either emotionally or psychologically can be improved in many ways. Building facilities that promotes the talent is one area that any government should focus on to improve the lives of such children rather than taking them to prison.
According to Equal Justice Initiative, about 14 states in the United States do not have a minimum age in their trial of children. Children are likely to be sexually abused when taken to adult prison that when they are in juvenile prisons. Some of the factors that promote crimes among the young generation are the family background, neglect, poverty, and abuse. The children are subjected to conditions that force them to use other extra means to survive. For example, some the children have been neglected and abused. Community violence, domestic violence, as well as poverty are some of the reasons why children need help before they are given heavy punishments.
The present treatment of children of children is unworthy, from people who do not understand the psychology of a child’s nature. A child can understand the pain and punishment inflicted on him or her by the parents. On the other hand, what the child cannot understand is the punishment inflicted by the society. Therefore, if a child is taken away from the parents and left in a lonely and unfamiliar cell, the child may be affected psychologically (Wilde 6). According to Juvenile Justice, there is need to improve the justice system and institutions to ensure that the society and the offenders enjoy mutual benefit.
In addition to saving innocent kids from involving in the prison industry, Media should take a primary place to change people’s minds towards the Government of the United States of America (U.S.A). This government plays a major player in drugs industry and makes it easy to be found by kids (System of a Down). People’s money is being used to take their freedom by building jails from taxes money (System of a Down). Using media sources to show people who the government of the U.S.A and how they are working hard to take youth’s freedom would very well aware youths from these unpleasant tricks.
In conclusion, a great number of youths go to jail. Some of these kids are innocent and pushed into jail for unfortunate circumstances. If we are, sedate about helping these young kids, Parents and families must care and pay attention to their kids. Communities have to provide kids facilities to keep innocent youths in a safe zone. Political activists need to make a big difference in awareness and claim to change laws that are used against kids. Media is required to show the unpleasant side of the U.S.A government and focus on how they push drugs in communities with young kids. It is essential to understand that the challenges faced by the young people may be of the magnitude that denies them equal rights as other children. Some of the young people cannot manage the social, emotional, and psychological challenges they face in their daily lives. According to Equal Justice Initiative, about 14 states in the United States do not have a minimum age in their trial of children. Children are likely to be sexually abused when taken to adult prison that when they are in juvenile prisons. Do you think those millions of kids in the U.S.A are worth to be helped by you?

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