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Question 1

Doctor Atomic is a composition that falls under the opera class. An American composer known as John Adams with libretto by Peter Seelars formulated the composition. Postmodernist ideas take the individuals back to a period prior to the modernization of art and identification of different elements, which make up art.
The aspect of libretto makes this opera a form of postmodern art because it borrows from a previous period. Although the opera was presented in 2005 October, it actually presents ideas of a later postmodern era when the atomic bomb was to be tested. As a libretto, much of the text within the opera is adapted from the declassification of official communication and documents from scientists, military personnel, and government operatives who participated in the project. The elements of time and ideas presented make the opera a postmodern piece of art. Consequently, the opera has had numerous subsequent productions, which seek to present the same idea under different operas.

Time of production is the key fact, which causes Doctor Atomic to be classified as a postmodern piece of art.

Question 2
Dr. Strangelove is satirical because he takes a different perspective from the general stand during the period. It is interesting that Dr, Strangelove choses the piece of black comedy to satirize the cold war and the prevailing fears at the time, which consisted of nuclear war. The conflict between the US and USSR regarding nuclear energy and weapons is a key aspect addressed in the film. Taking the different direction from the public concern is a great use of satire in the film thus creating the name Dr. Stangelove.
The story revolves around a general under the US Air Force who ordered the first nuclear weapon strike to the Soviet Union. However, the President of the US at the time and his advisors attempt to take reverse measures to prevent the occurrence of a nuclear apocalypse. It is interesting to see how DR. Strangelove appears oblivious of the situation around him, as individuals prefer less destructive weapons. However, he believes that going to war requires heavy weapons, which cause huge destructions in order to destabilize the enemy.
Clearly, there is something strange about Dr. Strange love, which causes him to delight in the use of nuclear weapons during the war while other individuals fear the impact of these weapons. In this perspective, the name Dr. Strangelove suits him.

Question 3

Robert Oppenheimer, also known as father of the atomic bomb was one of the first individuals to use theoretical physics to create the atomic bomb. As such, during the Manhattan project, he was able to artistically compose a highly destructive object, which was so small. According to his words Bhagavad Gita, Oppenheimer meant to say that he would become death and the destroyer who would finish worlds.
The application of the atomic bomb and nuclear weapons as well as nuclear energy has been detrimental and has caused massive destruction through time. The remark Bhagavad Gita was made when he realized the potential and power in the atomic bomb. The knowledge of quantum physics that Oppenheim had learnt would be used to destroy land and life. Through his time in studying quantum theory, he perceived that the knowledge would only be applied in solving issues such as black holes and neutron stars. Today, nuclear physics continues to be a highly contested area in the world with the application of this knowledge being used by different individuals to gain power over others.
Truly, the quote by Oppenheimer who was the father of the atomic bomb was true, as these weapons have become the destroyers of the world.

Question 4

The social-cultural significance of the corset explains why the piece became of high relevance. Initially, the piece was not gender-specific; however, it became more associated with the female gender with the time. In contrast, to its initial purpose that included serving as a medical garment, women identified corset as wonderful aesthetic garment. In this respect, the corset become very popular in the era of Victoria as the assumption of it as an aesthetic piece was unanimously endorsed.
The piece would in the future develop to be a fashion garment, which enhanced its reputation. The corset was with time acknowledged as a piece of prestige and fame. Following this perspective, the corset raised to be a renowned garment globally. The able and mainly individuals of the high social class were associated with this fabric.

Question 5

Using the social construction perspective the young man`s tattoo is a representation of the inside from out. Social constructionists want to reveal their identity and identity is the inside thus preventing the judgment due to the outside. The tattoo presents the brain and an image of the internal structures including the jaws and teeth formation. Beauty in this perspective is the creation of art to represent how one is in the inside rather than the outside. The creation of oneself to represent the real self rather than an abstract form. Abstract forms tend to be complicated.
Knowledge can be provided can be used to present beauty. As such, beauty cannot be inherited as every individual has his or her perspective of beauty. However, talent can be inherited as talent is the ability to observe beauty and understand its deeper meaning. The young man is neither black nor white. In this perspective, the young man exists in a society. The society in this perspective is depicted neither by color nor by beauty. The moral value of beauty is achieved through art and making individuals look more or less the same. The young man is unique and beautiful not because of his race but because he appreciates beauty differently. As such, it is through the tattoo that one can see what the young man thinks of himself.

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