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Question 2 A.

I agree- This is a matter concerning the Bible, and it is put out clearly that those who are against Israel are God’s enemies. Therefore, the United States has no option but to support Israel in order to get his blessings

Question 2 B.

I concur with this idea. It is evident from the previous wars that Israel has engaged. The United States has always consistently gave them support since they have been unarmed and outnumbered. To add on, Israel is the number one nation for foreign aid from America.

Question 2 C.

I agree. The Middle East are close neighbors the United States. This means that the war and terrorism occurring in this region will have impacted directly the United States. Therefore, it is America’s responsibility to ensure that that Israel and Palestine are free independent states and that they are free of terrorist attacks.

Question 2 D.

I share the same opinion. It is high time that Israel leadership should understand that there are other peacemaking strategies apart from the use of power and brutality. The fact that the United States should be backing Israel does not imply that the U.S should be enemies with the rivals of Israel as Palestine. Therefore, Israel should withdraw its military forces from the Palestine grounds and make other peace strategies.

Question 3

Yes, I would- it’s clear that if you support Israel you are likely to receive His blessings basing on the Bible. Also, the terrorist attacks and insecurity Israel experiences will directly have an impact on the U.S population. Thirdly, for the sake world’s peace and security, I would advise him to give a continued support.
It is with pronounced worry that I have to intervene in the differences and causes of the wars that have set us apart for the past decades. For the sake of our development and security, it is high time that we should reason together and let off our past differences and settle for a better future. The use of military forces has left most of the Palestinians orphans and widows. We understand the discomfort you have undergone, but this is the time of transformation, let that go off and let us plan for the future.
My country currently has a well-trained and heavily armed force. It has access to latest technology weapons and also the bioweapons. It is, therefore, significant for you to note that we should not involve in a contest that you will lose. There should be no cases of mass killings in these engagements or else we will have to take necessary action.
I humbly urge you to come forward and let us talk and come to a final agreement. I am looking forward to seeing Palestine with its legal borders and so is Israel. Nations where the entire population lives without fear of attack.
Conversation method stands out to be the best approach. This is because it pose no threat of losing lives of many individuals. Secondly, it involves both parties, and they will speak out what they want. This implies that the final resolution will be covering the interest of both sides.

Question 4

When he speaks of the previous days of fire and explosions where innocent citizens ran in panic through the streets. He then directly points out Jerusalem and Israel as the parts that have been mostly affected by this attacks leading to mass loss of life. This way he is holding the enemies of Israel responsible for this attacks and, therefore, may also indicate danger to the United States.

Question 5

The most threatening result is the growth of Islamic anti-Americanism and extremism that will threaten the national security of the United States for decades to come. This is because America will spend a lot of funds on this wars thus retarding their economy.
Secondly, the death of American soldiers and citizens is the most threatening of all since human lives are essential to any developing nation.

Discussion Questions

The Palestinian state is the primary purpose for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the chief cause being a fight of who owns Gaza and the West Bank. Therefore, the Palestinian is the only solution for this conflict.
No, the U.S should not apply much pressure on Israel to come to an agreement. Pressure will lead to premature decisions that will later be canceled, and the rivalry will start again. Instead, the U.S should convince the Israel leadership basing on the effects of this competition.
Yes, because the U.S is acting as the central point thus it is not an enemy with any of the states. Therefore, they should provide aid to the Palestine nation but advise them to reconcile for a better future.

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