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Every year college athletes are being paid huge amount of money for their games. Payment to college athletes has become a major topic of debate in the United States of America. People who advocate payment to college athletes believe that they should be rewarded for their hard work and good game. Whereas, people who do not support payment to college athletes consider it as awastage of hard earned money of taxpayers. People support their claim by citing different reasons.
The topic is important because it directly deals with the psychology and career development of the students. Every student has their own area of interest which plays a major role in deciding their career development. Students, who want to build their career in sport field, have different requirements such as training, equipment, infrastructure, and emotional support from friends and family. Students who pursue their career in other fields such as medical, engineering, psychology, and legal can manage their expenses by working part-time. However, in sport field, few hours practice is sufficient to exhaust the body of player, which left player with no energy to perform any part time work.
Payment to college athletes is much debated issue that received significant attention from media and from industrial experts. Different people have different opinion about the subject, which makes it an issue of debate. Payment to college athletes has its own pros and cons. Therefore, a healthy debate on subject is important in order to understand different aspects associated with the issue and viewpoints of different people. Without understanding opinion of other people, it is difficult to make any conclusion on the issue as the issue not only deals with career but also with psychological, and financial aspects of the students. A large percentage of students who belongs to week economic section of the society can not develop their career in sport field if they do not receive support. Positive and negative aspects on the subject will provide a better understanding on the topic.

People, who believe that college athletes should be paid, mention that college athletes should be provided all facilities like other sportsmen. College athletes should be paid in order to maintain their training and exercise, healthy diet, and essential equipment. It will de-motivate college athletes if they are not being paid. Various students, who want to develop their career in sports, will be discouraged and may suffer due to lack of resources. College athletes are required to perform at least 40 to 50 hours of training every week. They also spend less time in their studies and even miss their classes due to games and practice. Therefore it is important that college athletes should be paid and it is their right(Barrett, 2013).


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