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The Nairobi city is the capital city of Kenya, in Africa and the most populated in the country. However, the government and the people face several challenges that hinder the daily activities that help in improving the citizenry’s living standards. Nonetheless, some of the challenges faced by the residents in Nairobi include pollution, crimes poverty and traffic. However, there is need to alleviate the problems for the economy of the country to grow (Torres, Deyssi 241). In addition, the Kenyan government has also employed some resources that could help solve some of the issues. However, the issues mentioned earlier negatively affect the city and the country, in general. Therefore, there is need to check into the matter urgently.
Research indicates that the most polluted area is in Nairobi due to the establishment of the manufacturing industries and the existence of many cars that emit the gases after burning the fuel. As a result, the emissions of the gases pollute the environment making it uninhabitable to the living organisms. In addition, the city lacks proper garbage disposal mechanism thereby an upsurge in the pollution. In most areas, the public beam the garbage at a specific place, and this produces some foul smell that drive away people from such places. On the other hand, due to the improper garbage disposal, some of it finds its way to the rivers thereby leading to water pollution. For this reason, the water pollution in the rivers and water sources affects the aquatic lives thereby leading to their death. As a result, the pollution has become one of the greatest challenges in the Nairobi city. However, the government could allocate some funds to the garbage collectors who ensure proper disposition of the garbage thereby reducing the pollution rates.
However, people experience traffic in roads that lead to the main town. Traffic drags the country’s economic growth because people consume most of the productive time in the traffics. However, the traffic lights and the traffic police tend to bring sanity to the roads because most of the drivers become impatient thereby using the wrong lanes. Uses of the wrong lanes cause a lot of accidents due to the collision between the cars. Traffic negatively affects the country because; most of the perishable products that the farmers go to sell in the city go bad before getting to the destination thereby making massive financial losses (Donald 121). As a result, it also discourages agriculture in the rural areas because the farmers do not rip anything from their hard work if the products happen to go bad. On the other hand, the traffic also causes an increase in the fare by the public vehicle owners. Nonetheless, they do it to replace the time the vehicles lose in the traffic because time spent in the traffic leads to loss of income.
Nonetheless, the city also hosts some of the poorest areas in the country. The people who mostly live here are the low-income earners who cannot meet all the basic needs. As a result, the salaries and the wages could only accommodate that type of lifestyle. It is because, the house in the slum areas are easy to afford due to the cheap prices. The vendors provide the food commodities in pocket-friendly prices thereby enabling each person to access it. In addition, most people associate all the negative things about the slum areas, and it deprives the occupants a sense of belonging to one’s nation. Nevertheless, such places lack the basic social amenities because the people have a reduced purchasing power. Nonetheless, they do not have the saving incentives because they consume the little they get to meet their basic needs (Torres, Deyssi 178). Furthermore, such people do not have access to quality health facilities and their children also attend the public schools, which in most cases do not perform well in the national examinations. Therefore, the deplorable conditions deprive and inhibit the development of talents in many youths. Lack of proper housing in the city has led to an upsurge in the street families, and they are the same people who commit crimes at night.
On the other hand, there are some of the streets in Nairobi that one cannot pass due to the crime rates. The criminals use some of the streets that are not well lit to commit their crimes. Therefore, when they snatch something from an individual, they hide in such streets. It is because they know that no one would dare go there because they always move in groups thereby making it difficult for the citizens recover the stolen goods. The high unemployment rates have contributed to the rise in the crime rates in Nairobi because many young people have to find an alternative to meeting their basic needs (Donald 174). However, the crime rates discourage investors from investing in the country due to the insecurity challenges. Nonetheless, the high corruption rates among the law enforcers also contributed to the rise in the crime rates because the criminals always bribe the police in order to get released. On the other hand, the unemployment has lured many young adults into substance abuse due to frustration and stress. As a result, they turn up to the criminal activities for them to acquire the money for the drugs.
Nonetheless, the government could help solve the vices in the city thereby providing an ample environment for economic growth. For instance, to reduce pollution, the government should impose heavy fines on the manufacturing industries that emit the gases and the waste into the air. On the other hand, the government could encourage the industries to recycle the waste products to reduce pollution. In addition, the country could also do away with some of the fuels that emit most of the gases into the atmosphere thereby reducing pollution in the city (Torres, Deyssi 93). For this reason, it reduces the number of diseases that emanate from air pollution thereby increasing the life expectancy rate of the citizens.
However, to reduce congestion on the roads, the county government should limit the number of cars that get into the city. Alternatively, the government could also embark on the construction of more roads in order to accommodate the number of the rising cars. However, the government should also encourage the citizens to use other means of transport, for instance, the train thereby reducing the number of the vehicles in the city. On the other hand, to reduce the poverty and the security levels, the government should provide employment to the young people to prevent them from getting into crimes. They could also charge the corrupt officials to take the bribes from the criminals in order to deter and to discourage corruption.

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