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The world is constantly changing with the growing technology. Due to the rapid growing of technology in our daily life, some people argue that, it makes the world closer by making life better. While others argue that, it is driving people apart as they are becoming lazy as technology replaces their every day’s work. However, it is clear that, technology is making the world closer and better because of the use of technology in education, communication, and work. In fact, it has made the world so much closer by making communication easier, for instance, the use of phones, the internet, and other communication devices. In addition, technology is making the world closer in education whereby people can study together globally, in different places with the use of technology. Moreover, it has made work easier thus making the world a better place to work and live in. Therefore, technology is shrinking the world, and making it a better place to live in because it has made working, studying, and communication easier.
Technology surrounds us in our everyday’s lives, and it affects us in various ways. It has made the world closer, especially to families and friends despite their distances. It is very easy to find out what is happening with our friends and families lives through the use of the social media and phones. Unlike in the past, in the modern days, families and friends no longer settle in one area or country, they are spread out across the world. They are spread because we can easily communicate with the use of phones, and the internet allows us to chat via messages and videos. With the use of mobile, we can communicate with our family and friends at any time because of technology. We do not need to travel to go see our friends and families like it was before because we can communicate with them every minute and every second. The use of technology has brought us closer to this extent. Apart from the use of phones, the internet is a form of technology that is bringing people together through various social media platforms. With the use of the internet, communication has been made easy for everyone around the globe. It helps us share our feelings and pictures with our families and friends all over the world. For instance, with the use of MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks, we can communicate freely with our loved ones from all parts of the world (
In addition, with the use of social networks, we can communicate with people away from us face to face. Moreover, we are able to read a message across the globe in seconds, and this is the reason technology has made the world closer. According to Kwak, Lee, Park, and Sue, social networks such as Twitter facilitates the spread of information to millions of users in just a minute ( Kwak et al. 595). Therefore, the use of technology such as the internet has made the world closer because it makes communication very easy. Apart from communicating freely with our family members and friends, the use of these technology has helped us find more friends globally. The use of phones and the internet has brought the world closer because it has made communication easy for everyone, regardless of which part of the world we are located.
Just like technology has made the world closer by making communication easier for people around the globe, it has also made working easier for everyone. With the use of technology, people of different professions can work smart without any struggles. Even though a number of people argue that, since technology is doing most of our work, it will make people lazy. Nevertheless, this argument is overblown because, with the use of technology, especially the internet and the social media, we can work well and complete our tasks on time. For instance, the use of technology is very beneficial to sales persons and various business organizations (Kaplan and Michael 62). With the use of the internet and social networks, it is easy for a sales person to market his/her company’s products. Through the use of the social media, brands can get closer to the target market and other consumers. Most sales people use social media platforms to introduce their products to the markets, for instance, they can post pictures with information on their products on different social networks and many people will know about their products.
According to Agnihotri et al., the use of technology is very beneficial to sales people (338). According to the authors, the sales people can interact with the target customers on the social networks, and this makes their work easier and fast. Moreover, this is beneficial to the companies because, the clients are in a position to leave their feedback about the products, and this brings them more customers as well as helping them improve their brands. Furthermore, when salespeople and the customers interact online with the use of technology, it brings the clients and the company closer because, they can get what the customer wants and provide satisfactory products to the market. Business organizations can expand beyond their local markets and still grow a wider client base directly using the internet. Consequently, utilizing the social media in marketing social media brings customers closer to their favorite brands and products, as well as simplifying work for sales people.
The use of technology such as the internet has been made work easier, not only for the salespeople, but also for other people working in different professions. Technology has significantly impacted both our personal and professional life because it has changed the way do their businesses. Qualman notes that, with the use of technology, businesses can use the social media to interact with people in other organizations (102). He adds that, technology has boosted business opportunities for all groups because they can interact and come out with the best products and services to their consumers. This has been made possible because, the social media helps people to interrelate with a large audience worldwide, and this makes marketing easier.
The use of technology is valuable to the lives of our children and out future generation. It has made their study and communication easier because, they can study online as well as communicate with their peers studying worldwide. According to O'Keeffe, and Kathleen, the use of technology has both negative and positive impacts on our children (800). Even though the authors provide a balance of the positives and negatives of technology, they still agree that, social networking helps our children communicate with their peers. In addition, it helps them learn from them as long as its use is regulated (O’Keeffe, and Kathleen (802). The internet makes studying easy for our children because, they can use the internet to find answers to our projects as well as compare how other students tackle particular problems and thesis statements. Additionally, they can communicate with students from other colleges and universities, and this expands their knowledge thus enhancing their good performance in school. Therefore, the use of technology brings the world closer, especially for our children, and it can be very advantageous to them provided that, it is regulated by their parents.
Technology has brought the world closer than it is bringing it apart. It has made it achievable for people to relate their thoughts, feelings, ideas across and to work together across the world. People can work together on a project in different parts of the world through the use of technology. Most companies stage online video conferences while working on projects in their companies worldwide. The instructions are given through the social sites such as Skype and other video calling sites, and this helps them to accomplish their projects instantly (Kaplan and Michael 60). Apart from helping in finishing projects across other organizations worldwide, it brings workers of an organization together because they can relate through the video calling sessions and conferences. For instance, a company does not need to send a representative to different countries to give instructions on how something should be done. It is easier to use these social sites by video calling and showing the other people practically how to do it via the video call. Therefore, it is obvious that, technology makes works easier for organizations and overseas branches as well as improving their relations.
In conclusion, technology has made the world closer by making our lives easier, and the world a great place to live in. People can communicate efficiently around the globe without any difficulties since we can use computers and mobile phones. In addition, it has made studying and working easy because of the use of computers and other electronic appliances. Even though the use of technology has its pros and cons, the pros outweigh the cons because, it is apparent that it has made the world closer by simplifying everything for everyone. Technology has brought the world very close because we can work together and communicate efficiently with the use of phones and the social media. It has brought families and friends together unlike in the past whereby one had to visit a friend or a family member physically in order to meet and talk. Therefore, with the tremendous use of technology, the world has become so close, and it is very difficult to imagine a world without technology, because technology is our life.

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